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KskFe3 - full upgrade
FCOZGT - boss stage
zEUMLl - multiplayer
fmmfJm - arena mode
8oCAmS - shield
mJKGXP - redeem code
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Bullet Hell Monday Finale Game controls: sliding your finger across the screen will move your craft. It will move no matter where you slide on the screen. Make sure you don’t hide your craft behind your finger. It is recommended that you control the lower side of your craft with your index finger. Shorts are fired automatically. Let go of the screen to stop shooting. Fire shots to defeat enemies.

Bullet Hell Monday Finale hack

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Bombs - tapping with your second finger will fire bombs. Bombs can erase the enemy bullets and change them into items, and cause heavy damage. You become invincible while the bomb goes off, which allows them to be used as emergency protection. The number of bombs remaining is displayed on the top left of the screen. Bombs will be fired no matter where you tap. Try tapping as you control your craft with the opposite hand.

Bullet Hell Monday Finale cheats, hack codes

Hitbox -hits to your craft are judged based on its central core. Be careful not to get hit here. There is no damage even if you contact with some enemies. Clearing the missions within each stage adds to your mission points. When your mission points reach 1000, you can go to the boss stage. Clear missions to obtain action points (AP). Use AP to upgrade your craft. Clear all missions to get bonus AP. Use the level up cheat code to upgrade your craft by consuming the AP you earned.
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Dive right into this bullet hell shooter! Beginners, have no fear! Start with a gentle bullet hell! Use points to upgrade your craft. Improve your craft and mow down the enemies. Enjoy a variety of missions. Overcome adversity by clearing the screen with bombs. As you progress, earn powerful equipment. Authentic bullet hell action awaits you!

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8 HmgJJ6 premium pack
9 GqbL0Y legendary gear
10 E4VDla vip ticket
11 RR1Gi4 gear pack

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hnbCie - multiplayer
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Hack 1vWJpb - artifacts
Cheat 0gNou6 - evade
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