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Free hack Burning Basketball cheats code list - gold, fragments, stamina, promo ticket, advance, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Burning Basketball cheat world: the long awaited tournament is about to begin. All top players are ready to complete on the court. Somewhere in Brooklyn, a terrific match is underway as a preview of the big match. Let's go to visit the scout. We still need a player.

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Scouts hack can help you with collecting more powerful players. use them often. Tap on the backboard to run an offensive play. Remember, ball possession will be lost if attacking for more than 24 seconds. Score to reduce the opposing team's morale. You win when the oppoent's morale reaches 0!

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When the light signal appears, tap immediately to block! Tap anywhere on the screen to block when the light signal appears. Tap a team mate for passing once! Then tap the basket to attack once! Swipe up to release player's ultimate skill. Some ultimate skills can even be used without the ball.

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Keeping a balance between offense and defense is the key to victory. We'll be facing stronger and stronger oppoents. We must keep improving ourselves. Training and cheating is a good way of getting stronger! Training can greatly increase character's stats.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: offense consumes stamina. BR decreases when stamina turns red. Stage treasure contains a lot of resources, among which player fragments can greatly increase your BR. Using hack fragments to advance players can increase battle rating and unlock new skills.
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Tutorial Burning Basketball(wiki): Free stamina daily at certain hours. Let players go out and explore to get experience and other rewards. Using the same player to score speeds up their stamina consumption. Remember to pass the ball more often. Vigor increases by 1 every round. Vigor is shared by the whole team. This is how much vigor ultimate skill consumes.
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