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During the 512th year of the Draconic era Baeleth, the king of the demons attempted vainly to invade the land of Calibria. Under command of Sage Nae’ir the resistance, led by humans, defeated Baeleth’s army. However, baeleth, the immortal King, can never truly be killed. To delay his next descent into the world Sage Nair sacrificed his own life to the power of light and sealed baeleth within the Calibria Crystal. Fulfilling Nae’ir’s dying wish, generations of lords guarded the Calibria crystal for millennia.

Calibria Crystal Guardians hack

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Over the ages, whispers of unlimited power spread throughput Calibria. Whomever claimed the Calibria crystal for themselves would receive Demon king Baeleth’s power in return. Calibria has once again descended into war. The clan of summoners was powerless to fend off the enemies. Under Gentry’s protection the last descendent of the clan boarded the ARk with the Calibria crystal and sailed far, far away.

Calibria Crystal Guardians cheats, hack codes

You need to become more powerful if you want to stand a chance! Learn basics: character panel - here you can see the initial skills and stats of heroes. Each hero’s skill three is displayed here. You can unlock skills by learning them or through evolutions. As guardian of the Ark, i have aided generations of crystal lords and witnessed their power as summoners. Believe me when i say that you show the most promise! Heroes are invaluable to all summoners. Level them up in battle to unlock more of their skills.
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Selecting enemies with a green arrow will increase the chance of landing a critical hit, red arrow - will decrease damage and hit rage, with green arrows are prioritized while auto battle is active. All heroes have plenty of skills, but you may only select 3 to use during battle. Skill menu - you can check a skill’s details here. You may also swap out your heroes’ active skills. Remember that your heroes have a chance to learn skills after you beat a main stage!

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