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Free hack Call me a Legend cheats code list - evolve, banknots, gold, promo ticket, weapon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Call me a Legend cheat world: what shall we do now? We are out of food and water. See the road sign outside the door? I guess we can drive the car and try our luck in the town. The house looks basically intact. I’ll go search for the supplies. Oh no, zombies have rushed in upon hearing your voice. We have to put them down to ground and get in the car. Fear not, gun is the solution to the zombies. Let’s send these zombies back to graveyard once again.

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Middle - is the weakness of boss. Click here to cause damage to boss before the yellow circle disappears. Click when the yellow circle overlaps with the red circle to create a critical on the boss. Attributes: Intimacy - between you and me, something that is associated with the attributes of our baby. Dating with me or giving me gifts will increase our intimacy!Charm - something that is linked with the ability experience i acquire. My ability will strengthen your subordinates. And giving me gifts will increase my charm.

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Boss, we have been so short handed, which drove me to hang around the village and found these several guys who seemed to be able to fight. Let’s eliminate the zombies and reclaim our lost land. You may upgrade heroes on the heroes interface. You may equip your subordinares with better gears and functions.
Bottom - here are different attributes of your subordinates. The upgrade of both their levels and potential levels can add the attributes. The subordinates are the very core of the combat, hence priority should be given to their upgrade.

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Like attributes, the potentials of your subordinates are classified into 4 types. The upgrade of potential level will enhance the corresponding attributes. A reinforcement scroll can be used to upgrade the corresponding potential. The higher the potential level, the lower the success rate.
A star level index can be used to upgrade the corresponding potential. Please note that only consistent star levels will promise 100% success rate.

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