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Free hack Call of Duty Global Operations cheats code list - gold, rations, skill points, promo ticket, medals, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Call of Duty Global Operations cheat world: general, the insurgents have retreated. We have defended the base. Our rations factory has been destroyed. There's only enough Rations to get us through tomorrow. Unless they're well fed, our soldiers can't fight. We need a rations factory to make food. Tapping the free hack button will finish construction instantly. Additionally, we can upgrade the rations factory and the production rate of rations will be significantly increased.

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We need to stockpile these rations in our depot and protect them. Tap the rations icon to collect. General, we lost many units in the last attack. We are currently lacking forces and need to build a barracks to expand our army. Tap the assign troops button to deploy troops to gather resources. Rations are a critical base resource. We need those rations to maintain our base. It's also time to deploy our new troops out onto the field.

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We can find the closest resources by using the radar. Tap the radar to open the location search screen. After gathering the rations, the troops will automatically return to base. There are still some enemy troops scattered around our base. We need to set up defenses to protect the base.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: using the correct troop type can make a big difference on the battlefield. You can deal up to 50% more damage if you counter your enemy correctly. Chapter mission - completing the mission will increase the efficiency of developing the base. Additionally, completing the chapter missions will gain a lot of rewards. We do not have enough development space within our base/ We must unlock new land to expand. Before opening up new land, we must upgrade our command center.
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Tutorial Call of Duty Global Operations (wiki): Upgrading the level and promoting the military rank of commanders will increase the power of the commanders. Promoting a commander costs medals. You can earn additional medals by completing campaign chapters. Commander: Hammer - is the frontline commander of the US army's armored battalion. He specializes in executing fierce and aggressive tank offensives. Tanks will deal additional damage to infantry troops.
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