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Welcome to tutorial. You will learn the basic movement and combat techniques as Allen. The avatar shows your current hero. Your field of view is up ahead. The aiming bead is in the center of screen. Drag joystick to move forward. Move around easily by using both left and right hands. Enemy is close up ahead. eliminate him! Tap and hold fire button to attack continuously!

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Each characters has exclusive abilities! Target enemy and fire particle missile. Combat with normal attack to eliminate him. Allen’s second ability adrenaline can heal himself. You can adjust your preferred control scheme in firing scheme. You final task is to capture objective. The objective point is marked by red circle. Enter objective point to star capturing it. Capturing progress reaches 100% to win. Don’t forget to prevent enemy from capturing objective.

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YOu’ve passed tutorial! Now we will test your skills in battle training! Tap quick match to join real battles. Up to 2 players can choose the same hero. Casual mode: big head ability mode, random hero, last stand, ability mode and free ability. Want to dispkay your power? Equip an awesome skin! Close friends and tutor & apprentice relation give bonus experience and gold coins and medals.
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It requires longer time to load resources when you enter the battle for the first time. Please be patient. Current loading doesn’t consume cellular data. In rank battle, score rather than level is the symbol of skills. Reach designated level to get diamonds and vouchers. Level 3 - hero trial card Oboro; 5 level - Skin + Plum Blossom. Newbie grand pack - available in the first 7 days since register: gold, credit, hero fragment.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Don't forget to claim the rewards you earn in daily quest.
  • Select your peferred control in scheme. Mode 2 is movable firing. Fire button moves with you. Mode 1 is fixed firing. Fire button is fixed. Adjust buttons' size and position in customized.
  • You can also adjust settings in the middle of battle. Allchanges will be immediately effective.
  • All heroes: Allen, Firya, Clark, Maya, Oboro, Geraint, Sylvia, Reynolds, Pan, Big Po, Yoyo.

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Achievements: always ready, man of honor, stay in lab, socialite, long war, road to hell, integrated circuit and spoil war. Daily quest: tema up with others to finish a game. Join 5 battles in quick match. Win 8 games. Earn 10 gold medals for battles in total. Clear button layout allows you to easily master controls from basic movement to advanced abilities, and you can even customize your interface and scheme to your personal taste!
Call of Heroes tutorial

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