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This is a creature card, creatures make up the core of a deck. Play the creature card into that slot by drawing it from your hand. Creatures can only attack on the next turn after their appearance on the table. Creatures deal damage equal to their strength. You draw one card from the deck at the beggining of your every turn. You can't play that card, because it costs more enegry than you have right now. Player starts with 3 3n3rgy. Energy replenish at every turn. Maximum energy reserve increases by 1 each turn. Maximum is 12.

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hack Call of Myth Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): You have to attack an enemy creature with your own and finish it off. Pay careful attention to your health. Your Leader will die if it runs out. You have to lower enemy's health to 0 to win. This is an event card. Unlike creatures, events have immediate effect after which they are discarded. These creatures pose a threat to your Leader. Use the event to kill both of your enemies at the same time.

cheat Step #2: It's not necessary to play new creature or event to protect your Leader. Each Leader has their own unique Active Ability. This Ability defines the Leader's playstyle. Use the ability on the Detective and move him to the other lane to protect your Leader. Creatures can't attack the enemy Leader if there are enemy creatures on their lane. Enemy will have to fight your Detective if they want to attack your Leader.

code Step #3:After being used the ability goes on cooldown. The number of pupils means the number of turns until recharging is complete. This button finishes your turn and passes it to the enemy. You can attack the enemy creature using the Detective if you want. Press the finishing button if you made your decision. Enemy is trying to occupy two lanes to attack you from different sides. Enemy decides not to use this creature to attack you so it could protect them.

Call of Myth Step #4: You have enough energy to play this card now. Cards that have Trait use additional effect when appearing on the table. Play that card and look at how powerful it's effect is. You can damage these creatures but it won't be much use right now. It's better to destroy a creature that prevents your Detective from killing the enemy Leader. Use Trait on the Witness of Carcosa and then kill the enemy Leader with a final blow.

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  • Journal contains reflections of your character on events and also interesting information about some creatures which you'll meet on your way. Open your jounal to examine it closer. Some information is unlocked at the start. You will discover new information while playing. Click on any entry to open it.
  • Your opponent plays first this time. It gives them the advantage in choosing the best position. Player that goes first gets 3 energy at the beginning of their turn. Player that goes second starts the game with 4 energy. It allows evening the odds through the strength of played cards.
  • Due to the fact that you start with 4 energy you can play 2 creatures at your first turn. Play one Orderly to protect the Leader from an enemy creature. Then play the second one to occupy an empty lane. Aside from Health and Attack creatures have Sanity. The total Horror Level increases by 1 when your creature dies. The creature will go insane, if Horror Level becomes equal or higher than the Sanity. After the creature goes insane, the Horror Level resets to 0. When creature goes insane, it gets Madness.
  • Enemy's Horror Level has enough for their creature to go insane. This creature will go insane at the end of the turn. That will happen because the creature's Sanity is not above the current Horror Level. The creature got Madness and now is under its negative effects.
  • The enemy placed two creatures on the lane getting the advantage on it. But that advantage can be turned against them by playing certain cards. One of the enemy creatures survived despite getting badly hurt. You can place Orderly and attack the enemy creature with him. Orderly has enough strength to kill the enemy creature. Also you can make Orderly attack the enemy Leader. In that case, enemy creature will survive and can attack your Leader.
  • Aside from the Active Ability each Leader has the ability to Draw Cards. You can't play both cards, but you can choose the most suitable one. Play a creature on one of two lanes. You must attack the creature first.
  • Items can only be played on allied creatures. Items allow to strengthen your creatures or use an immediate effect. Creatures with Regeneration restore the amount of health equal to the strength of Regeneration at the end of turn.
  • This is a collection. You can find obtained cards here. Navigate to your collection to examine it closer. These are your cards. You'll get new cards for your collection throughout the course of the campaign and the game is general. Your cards have improved. Your cards will change a nd gain new skills along the way. You'll be able to change and customise your deck in time when you have more cards.
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