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After an unexpected turn of events, i lost my job. I realized that i would never fulfill my dream by working for someone else. Thus, i made a decision that changed my life. I came to the entrepreneurship center, my entrepreneurial road is about to start here. I will help you to get familiar with the star up process. First, let’s get our stat-up capital. All you have to do is tap on your home. You can collect the reward after completing the task. Now we can use that money to buy our first store! What store should we open up first? There’s fast food restaurants, barbershops...

Call Me Boss Startup hack

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How about a bubble tea shop! They are popular and seems to be very profitable, the cost isn’t too high, suitable for starting. We also need to hire employees for each store. The more employees a store has, the more revenue it can generate. Deploying talents into the store can greatly increase store income! Cash - main resource in daily operations, can be used in main quests, trade wars and others.

Call Me Boss Startup cheats, hack codes

Company receives the following bonuses after activating talent skills. You can deploy characters to manage a store. It will provide a bonus to store output revenue. The stronger the talent, the better the increase in bonus. Next let’s try to upgrade the talent level, the higher the talent level, the greater the bonus effect. Talent promotions can promote the basic attributes. Our company is getting bigger, so it looks like it’s time to start a real business.
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Before we go, we need to identify the talents we want to appoint. Dora - although a simple office worker, she always seems to be full of energy and passion. Andy - isolated elite with no friends, but with extraordinary management skills. Remember, the higher your strength, the lower the cost. We’ve got the store’s extension permit, we can expand the store! The result will be similar to that of a residential extension, which will significantly increase the store revenue.

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