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Since the dawn of mankind, the Middle Earth was full of multiple disaster. The people be lieved in the Holy one caused it would be difficult for them to avoid disaster. The holy one, instead of blessing them, just desired the power of people’s faith and breathed it greedily. The people were bound up in fetters of faith. At the same time the lackeys and hired ruffians were running amok in Middle Earth.
What a great Holy one! Covers all manner of sins! A shamed having been their Soldier! I chose to fight! TO guide people’s way forward and pursuit of Liberty! Wake up, people! To fight to shake off your shackles!

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We did it! The people trust me now. Whereas the Holy one was angry. They blamed me fore the root of all evil. The war became inevitable - and let it come! Unfortunately, we lost the battle. And were forced to go into exile. We will return! Just for the freedom!

My Lord, here is the nether world of unrelenting darkness which has been almost forgotten. Our Devil army needs some time to rebuild and conserve their strength here. One day we should seize the opportunity to counterattack.
Actually the darkness world is short of natural resources which means the clash is necessitated. So looting lands and resources is the most crucial thing for the development of our Empire.

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Our devil army are never afraid of clash or battle. We must seize this favorable mountainous terrain and make it the bedrock for our civilization!
Grom has occupied the city, what should we do next? having gone through the bloody battle, we urgently need more resources to rehabilitate. Medea is good at city management and daily affairs, she will be your effective member of empire construction.
My Lord, including the native, the more soldiers we train, the more food we need! We must build a Demon orchard first. Do you want to form a powerful army? Build a darkwood forest first! Do you want to clear the monsters from the road for the security of our city? Build a drill ground! Upgrade your drill ground to increase your maximum number of marching troops.
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My lord, our empire is developing rapidly under your leadership. We should not only focus on the city development, but also the resources we need. Kill the monsters first. The more soldier you dispatch, the more efficiency it will. We can use the recruitment scrolls in tavern to hire legions of powerful heroes. Recruit heroes to het hero experience items, resources, heroes or hero shards. Use cheat code for advanced recruit 10 times in succession and you will gain at least one hero. Our devil army needs some time to rebuild and conserve their strength. The castle is your empire’s base of operations. Upgrade your castle to unlock new buildings and features. Please follow the chapter quest to develop your empire!

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