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Enemies in the base! Formation! Prepare for battle! Lower your weapon soldier. My lord, allow me to introduce you to Ms. Lodia, the prized pupil of the archmage Arcanecracy, the most gifted mage in the world.
- Please forgive me for the sudden visit, my Lord. The Silverrun is under attack by the undead, the long gone ones had awoken., and Silverrun needs your help! Silverrun is our greatest ally against the orcs, once it fails, the supply line will be cut, we can’t stand idle.

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The blight brought by the undead had spread across this land, the once beautiful Elwynn forest now looks like this, are we too late? Click battle, the girl over there is surrounded by the undead, let’s save her! After the energy is full, click the character avatar to cast the ultimate. Click Logash avatar to cast helm breaker and interrupt enemy skills. Anvina’s ultimate phoenix flame can deal massive damage to enemies ahead, place she in the backline so she can hurt more enemies.

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Everyone’s been saying, the crisis started from the south of the forest, we should inspect the villages along the path. My lord, we got a ton of loot from the battle and hack cheats codes, we can use them to recruit more heroes to join us, use golden chest.
Orcs attacked the nearby village, we have to go get rid of the orcs and help the villagers. But while you were gone, the orcs raided our nearby town! To prevent orc attacks, we need to upgrade and reinforce the walls to ensure safety.
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We ned to train more troops to go against them. Militia - they actually don;t get paid, just a bunch of dudes really into fighting. The danger is taken care of, for now. But the enemies will come soon, we can’t be careless, this city is having a brief peace, we need to develop it fast and strengthen ourselves.

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  • Complete chapter 1 to obtain hero - middle assassin, attack the back enemies, reduce rage.
  • Defeat monsters, gather resources, plunder other players, and share the server and play with the players from all over the world.
  • Lead the heroes, be prepared, expand the territories, build your alliances, and fend off the dark forces.
  • 4 factions, 20 races, 100+ heroes! Tons of fantasy heroes with different fight styles. To develop? Or to conquer?

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Heroes: Logash - as a proud and noble warrior, fight as an ordinary member of the Herald. He is not only loved and esteemed by his allies and also respected by the enemies. Dressed in magic resist armor and armed with a widesword, he is always ready to meet head on all the maniacs who manipulated magic in the battlefield with a “iron storm”.
Anvina Brightflame - has been obsessed with fire since she was a child, so when she learned magic, she chose fire magic as her major course without hesitation. Among all kinds of magic, fire magic is the most aggressive and destructive one, which is consistent with Avina’s character. Although she looks petite, there is an active volcano that will erupt at anu time in her heart.
Brigitte Goldenmane - is kind and loves life. She can’t bear to see that her soul is suffering from illness and pian, and treating the wounded as her own innate responsibility. In the eyes of the soldiers, she is the spokesperson of the will of the Holy light, bringing inspiration and hope to all.
Clea Deathwhisper - was unfortunately killed in a battle against the invasion of the dark legion, but the devil did not let her die as a high elf ranger general, but took her soul and turned her into a banshee. With pure stubbornness and willpower, Kleiya got rid of the control of the dark legion and regained the initiative of her body. Soon she will face a major decision, forgive those who call her a mortal monster and fight against the demons.
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