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Candies and Curses cheat world: truth or dore? Dore. What do you think you're doing? You aren't seriously going to the mansion? That place is haunted. Pop, our brave hero, sped toward the forest that borders her cozy little suburbon neighborhood. But why would she go to such a dark and dreary place, you might ask? A dare gone too far, proposed by her rambunctious friends, her pushed young Molli over the edge.

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Tired of hearing the ridiculpus tales of the abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town, Molli decided to put matters into her own hands to uncover the truth. Not only would she follow through with the foolish dore, but she'd finally put the spooky stories to rest, once and for all.
Young Molli was known to her peers as someone not easily spooked, but the imposing sight of the monsion as she trekked up the hill was enough to send a shiver down her spine.

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Upon reaching the doorstep of the estate, Molli paused for a moment. With a deep breath, she pushed open the heavy, wooden doors and stepped inside. It was dark, and her flashlight barely seemed to make a dent in the black void set before her. Though to Molli's surprise, the foint aromo of freshly baked sweets seemed to drift through the air. But before she could properly identify what kind of sweet treat was producing such a wonderful smell, on eerie gust of wind ticket Molli's back. And in the blink of on eye, the mansion doors shut behind her. Molli began to reassess her initial doubt of her friends stories. Was this decrepit mansion actually hounted?

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Strange creatures began oppearing all around her, bearing wide grins and startling glowing eyes. Molli soon realized this monor was home to more than just rotting wood and dusty furniture...
Well hello, who might you be? My name is cheat-on, i'm the butler in this mansion. Now that you've been trapped in this mansion forever, i guess i could give you some tips for survival.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: jump up to me when you're ready. That flashlight sure has some kick to it. Try using it to get rid of these pesky ghosts if they get in your way. Oh no, looks like the ghost king is not hoppy with your presence, i'm sorry Miss molli i must ottend to other things. Please be safe. Collect 3 heart spirits to gein an extra heart.

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Tutorial (wiki): level up grants rewards such as new flashlights, charms and other great things. You recieved some heart spirits. Collect 3 to gain a permanent heart container. It seems you've found a new charm while exploring the mansion. You'll need to purchase the new charm. Drag and drop charms to equip them. YOu can see the effects of the charm gave you +1 heart while it's equipped. When completing a room eat 20 souls, gain 1 soul hearts.

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