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Welcome to new android game! Let me show you how to play. Touch and drag. You can experience the wondrous static electricity from these hundreds sweaters creature. Don’t do the sheep shearing. You’ll win the battle by dropping the enemy’s HP to 0. You can deal damage to the enemy summoner by either defeating the enemy monsters or attacking the summoner directly. Character receives additional damage when the monster is defeated.

Capsulemon Fight hack

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Your summoner has some skills. You can use the skills by touching their icons. Play single mode to improve your skill, preceding PvP mode. A battle against summoners from all around the world requires high level of brain battle but CAMSULMON FIGHT is fast and easy for everyone. With just one finger, you can experience thrilling and strategic action. Make friends and take your victory trophies with them!

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Capsulemon Fight hack credits
Ninjamaru - after stopping, summons a giant shuriken to fly up across the map. As one side of the mystic art,ninjutsu seeks the path of shadows, opposite of the way of light.
Ace platyduck - passes through the enemy and continues in the direction of the hit until it meets a wall.
boomster - explodes a bomb on impact. I have no idea how many bombs he can generate.
Capsulemon Fight wiki
Sea dragon - fires a salvo of water at an enemy. Enemies hiding behind cannot dodge the attack.
Stobat - every time this burning fatty bat collide with enemies, he creates small explosion until he stops flying. Skills: tornado - creates a tornado to the first monster collided. The tornado pulls all enemy monsters to the center in range, and dealing damage. Summoners relatively takes less amount of damage.
Supersize - increase target monster’s size. Not only the size but also it gives various positive effect. But hit action power boost only apples once.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You're able to enjoy more with a concept such as bomb, missile, enhancement.
  • YOur mana fill increases whenever your turn begin! Prepare your skills.
  • Choose a monster first, then draw aim shot.
  • If you aim in a direction for a certain amount of time, the monster firing direction will be set so as to prevent aiming errors.
  • It's important to aim for the main monster among the enemy team.

Capsulemon Fight tips
Hack cheats tutorial Capsulemon Fight(wiki):
Train in puzzle mode to improve your skills.
For every each turn, exchange exhilarating actions against your opponent.
You can deal more damage after break the shield.
Skill uses some mana. You can use two or more skills if you have enough mana.
Start your battle against world class players right now!
Capsulemon Fight tutorial

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