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Free hack Captain Planet cheats code list - gold, crates, artifact, promo ticket, speed up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Captain Planet cheat world: great news! The planeteers are here to stop Dr. Blight! Hailing from rural Ghana, Kwame is the bearer of the Earth ring and the leader of the heroes. Your characters will automatically attack Junk monsters. Tap on your Planeteers to raise their level and make them stronger!Their damage will increase so you can defeat enemies faster! Levelling up costs PlanetoidsCaptain Planet Planetoids, which you gain in the fight or use hack cheats code.

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Every 5 levels, a hero’s damage will double. Tap rapidly on junk monsters to deal extra damage. Great news, a new character has joined the fight! Wheeler - is the bearer of the fire ring. He grew up on the streets of Brooklyn in New Your City. You’re about to face a boss. There are touch enemies with a lot of health. Tap on the icon Captain Planet boss to continue. Don’t forget to keep levelling up your partners.

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Captain Planet hack artifact
Well done characters! Remember: you must always be vigilant to the dangers of pollution. You’ve just received some Folium! These life restoring leaves can be used to restore destroyed objects on hope island. Pollution has been destroying the island. This mighty Oak has withered away. Tap Captain Planet withered the button to heal it. You’ve just healed a mighty OAK, and in Return it has made Khame more powerful. You’ve taken the first step to restoring hope island, but there’s still plenty to do!

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You can equip planeteers with powers. Kwame’s new power boosts his damage for a short period of time. You can swap powers again after defeating captain Pollution.
You can visit the crates menu to see your crate inventory. Your crates unlock over time, even while you’re away! You can also speed things up with diamonds. Visit the shop for massive, elite and cosmic crates. Plus special daily offers.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Planetoid Pickup - burn through the levels by increasing your Planetoid income for a short time.
  • Healed items will produce planetoids over time. Come back regularly to collect them.
  • You can also tap on a character's hut to gather planetoids from the surrounding area.
  • Fighting JUNK monsters is one thing, but they still need recycling after! Every enemy you defeat fills my recycling plant. Tap the trash to help me process it, and watch out for hidden rewards. Check back regularly and don't forget to reduce, re0use and recycle.

Captain Planet tips
    Tutorial Captain Planet(wiki):
  • Your adventures give me the strength to restore Hope island. As you defeat eco villains and face off with captain Pollution. I'll build up power to heal the island.
  • Heals hope island to boost the planeteers' powers. Plants and other island features will regularly generate planetoids, too!
  • The planeteers will earn planetoids while you're away, so you can level them up on your return.

Captain Planet tutorial

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  • 1. u0Law7Zwn52DCH6 - planetoids
  • 2. GAXCC1Qr9Y1t43v - crates
  • 3. DWz7yaBKBRMXEDK - speed up
  • 4. 3YWH5yNif2bqfxH - promo code
  • 5. tyOPmABqwe0CNsQ - gold
  • 6. Gcu0rG2klZJKBU6 - artifact
  • 7. SEmhnveLNqesfad - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. RfYZ8Q0OGFJS6TP - premium pack
  • 9. EYgozr52wVMSVYp - chest
  • 10. WieHPCZ8IdKp4Sa - vip ticket

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