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Free hack Captains Puzzles cheats code list - ascend, summon, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Captains Puzzles cheat world: in the 25th century AD, the earth civilization continued to expand. One of the teams galaxy guard drove to an unknown galaxy, but found that most of the planets were destroyed, leaving only a good planet, and the expedition to land and explore.
Nice to meet you. At present our galaxy is on the verge of danger. Our planet is the only planet that has not been invaded by the dark lord. As the former escort captain, i am recruiting warriors to fight against the dark lord.

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At this time, the elder discovered that the weapons that humans brought were very precise and seemed to be full of energy and lethality. They might have miraculous effects. Some enemies have found us, ready to fight. It seems that the elder temporarily dragged the dark lord, but there are enemies in front, let’s rush out!
In order to save the elder, we must first rebuild the base to restore vitality. I used to be assistant to the elder, let me help you! At the same time, you must practice hard, combine weapon technology and elements to defeat the dark lord.

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The five technologies originally came from different planets. They have a restrained relationship between them, thus maintaining balance. The dark lord recruited dark soldiers on different planets, so they also have different attributes. You must use this to defeat them.
The number next to the enemy health tells how soon the enemy attacks. Top - there is an advantage relationship between different color, strong attack will deal a double damage, weak attack will deal a half damage. Use the color to your advantage. Hit a weaker color for double damage.

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Let’s try to attack the green monster with red gun, the attack is a strong and will deal double damage. Tap the hero with full energy to use special skill. Beat the enemy and win the battle.
We need stronger fighters, find them through summoning door. In addition to summoning heroes scattered around, you can also train and select talents from your own base. When you get a powerful hero, you need to train him. Trainers share their experience, and are removed from the hero roster.

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Now that you have mastered all the skills, the responsibility to save the galaxy will be handed to you!
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