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The capital of Midgard famous for its thining white walls and high towers. The Kraken pirates are searching for the resurrection stones which are the key to unsealing and resurrecting an ancient God Kutulu. Your quest begins to stop the Kraken pirates and to return the kingdom back to peace... My lord, you arrived just in time. Welcome to the land of Midgard. You've been summoned from your world to help us fight the Kraken pirates. Let me explain the basic you will need to perform your mission. First up, the campaign mode. The campaign mode is your epic story to stop the Kraken pirates. In this mode, you may obtain heroes, gold, materials, and spirits. See the fairy displayed on the left side of your screen? She's a spirit that will assist in battles, increase gold gain, and do many helpful things.

Captain Heroes cheats android, ios hack codes

Captain Heroes –  hack codes

World map: a chapter consists of several stages that you must clear to advance. You must clear all the stages before you can proceed to the next chapter. Tap the enter button and prepare for battle. When you press play game, you'll enter the stage. Let me show you the controls you will need in combat. First things let's learn to aim your weapon. Move the crosshair to attack and shoot enemies and their projectiles. Move the crosshair with the stick on the lower right of your screen. I will now show you how to add a new hero to your team. First, tap the team management button – this is the main team management window. In the team management window you can organize, enhance, and evolve your heroes.

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Captain Heroes –  cheats secret bug
Boosts: shield – reduces damage taken once for the next battle. When you tag out your hero, all enemy bullets will disappear. Get out of dangerous situations by tagging out. You may evolve by using 4 same heroes. When evolving, the hero's design, stats, and skills change. Black bullets can not be destroyed and must be dodged. You must move your hero to dodge these black bullets. Move your hero left and right with the joystick on the lower left of your screen. Team skills activate based on your team compositions. Use the change hero button by touching the hero window on the right. In the spirit menu you can change and upgrade spirits. You can get new spirits by purchasing them in the shop or hack cheats code. You will use gold to upgrade your spirits. Spirits are great helpers that will increase gold gain and assist you in battle. Try collecting and upgrading spirits, it can be a lot of fun.

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1. Tmsf6R3l8E - gold
2. Ny3IbL9sMN - garnets
3. DJAJm2R0eC - bullets
4. aJNOZKXFDi - spirits
5. hmPsxCmdRf – tickets coupon
6. 4PH5u0vcIt – enchant stone
7. 1XDu5bah8N – mithril, orichalcon
8. tHGnqMuvgM - jackpot
9. 3HBHeBQbbz – 5 star character

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