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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Car Industry Tycoon Cheats
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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Greeting! Welcome to your new car factory, let me be your guide. Let's wait for your first worker. The worker must first check in through the entrance gate. This process is a little slow, but you will be able to improve it over time. Now the employee gets to work on his job: chasis production - the first element of your car. Great! our first can sold, or rather, a part of it did, but after awhile, you will improve your factory with new machines and be able to produce whole cars. Worker now must leave the factory through the exit gate.
Improve your entrance gates and buy new ones to make workers come faster. Entries - workers have to go through the entry booths to get in to the factory. Build new ones and upgrade existing to your workers don't have to wait too much to enter, or use cheats codes, hack tools.
Improve chassis machine to earn more cash. Parking area is nearly full. Parking - the number of people that works in your factory depends on the size of the parking. Upgrade it to get more workers.
Car Industry Tycoon Hint&Tips
To collect extra cash, you have to remember to clean solar panels. Tap on them to get your cash.
Build rest area - normally workers can perform 2 actions before they go to home. Here your people can rest, so they will be able to perform even 4 actions.
Office - here you can build new production lines with new car parts and increase your profit.
Chassis press - it shapes the car chassis from a piece of sheet metal.
Suspension - adds suspension to the chassis of the car. Body - adds a car bodywork.
Engine - adds the heart of the car - the engine.
interior - seats, steering wheel and other interior elements.
Windows - adds windshields, doors and the hood of the car.
Painting - thanks to painting, every vehicle leaving the factory will have its own unique color.
Quality control - stage all of bugs and errors in the car are eliminated and its value is increased.
Performance test - performance of the car is improved, which increases its value.
Patch Version
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Hack Release Date04 September 2020
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