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Free hack Car Legends Tycoon cheats code list - gold, credits, raw materials, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Car Legends Tycoon cheat world: so, you're the one Earl left the oled steel mill too? Hard to believe the old coot finally retired. My name's cheat-on, and i helped Earl run this place. Now, i've heard that you're looking to turn this into some sort of car manufacturing paradise, and i've taken the liberty of setting some things up for you...

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This used to be an old warehouse. I re-purposed it as a garage for you. And it looks like you've already got a customer. Tap on the garage and let's have a look. You may be the boss, but in this business everyone needs to get their hands dirty! Servicing cars is a cornerstone of builing up your empire. Tap service to use some parts and get the job done.

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Good work, but if you want to service more cars, you're going to need more parts. Let's start by getting you some steel. If we want your empire to keep growing, we'll need a lot more steel. Tap on a building to open up its production menu. Now to produce some steel, drag it over into the production queue. Most raw materials cost credits to produce, but Earl's made sure that steel will always be free to make.

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Normally you'd need an exterior parts buildings to make door frames. Lucky for you i already took care of that. You can get things rolling faster by tapping the rush button. Usually this costs cash, but i'll cover it while you're still getting everything up and running. Now it's time to start expanding your production capabilities. Let's start with a body plant facility. All the body frames for your cars will be buolt in one of these. To buy a building, drag it from the menu onto the map.

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