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Free hack Card Crusade cheats code list - level up, items, gold, promo ticket, epic card, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Card Crusade cheat world: each card costs energy. When you’re out of energy, tap the clock to end your turn. Drag defensive cards (like shields) up out of your hand to gain block. Block is like temporary health, and helps keep you safe. To attack enemies, drag attack cards (like swords) onto enemies. To the victor go the spoils. Tap the box to open it, and choose which card to add to your deck.

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Tap your player portrait in the upper left corner to view character stats and the contents of your deck. “Exhaust” cards can only be used once per battle. “Consumable” cards will disappear from your deck after one use. In your travels, you may find item shops. Try tapping on the shopkeeper to remove cards from your deck!

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Tap the icon in the lower left to go back to the main menu and start your first run. Try not spending gold for a higher score! If you’re bored with hitting pots, don’t bother. They’re totally optional. Items: dar sword - deals physical damage. Gains damage each time a copy of this card is played per combat.

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Drag card out of your hand to use it. Angry mob - deal physical damage for each enemy on screen. Bloodlust - deals damage and heals 4 health items. Plague amulet - doubles the amount of poison on all enemies. Vast library - gain 2 maximum energy. You can no longer stun, burn, poison, or weaken enemies.

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