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Card Battle Kingdom cheat world:
1. W2mLRImyak - lucky box
2. wdYeXXESWT - forge
3. aoD4HPX8ZA - secret mode
4. UP2bXwkeGg - luxury bag
Our kingdom is being attacked! Let’s protect our hero with a shield card! Heroes attack on their own. Some cards make them stronger. Others, affect the enemies.
The caravan brings up to 3 heroes every day and, sometimes brings gold chests. Check daily!
Card forge - here we can generate new cards. Come back often, they are important to improve your chances during battle.

Card Battle Kingdom hack

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Use the heal potion to recover our hero! An enemy moved, move your archer so she can attack him! Victory, now we have enough resources to hire more heroes and complete the team. Our team is complete. Now, let’s organize your battle positions. Formation is very important! Try to keep the heroes that fight up-close in the front. The heroes that attack at a distance, such as the archers, are more efficient in the back.

Card Battle Kingdom cheats android, ios hack codes

1. mo6uD5BxRx - level up
2. 10DOfW1ZsR - voucher
3. 3KK5850JZd - shard
4. nl0JH9VsYh - artifact
5. WcRbDbFKHI - resources

Card Battle Kingdom hack month card
Heroes: rogue - double attack. A thief that lives in city alleys and takes advantage of distracted tourists, even stealing their underwear. He is a real good fighter.
Forest hunter - high critical damage. WIth her long arch and marksmanship that causes envy, the hunter uses her sharp instinct to fight footprints and hunt animals. But she’d rather strike crooks with arrows.
Farmer - higher damage when joined with another farmer. When farmers get organized and fight side-by-side, the manure smell is unbearable, but they obtain incredible victories in many battles.
Card Battle Kingdom wiki
Venturer - balanced. A young adult who decided to leave his home and see the world. Armed with just a sword and backpack, is fearless when fighting, but really misses his family.
Immortal warrior - piercing damage. Warriors that fight on the frontline of the army and use their long spear to pierce their enemies. For some reason, they are traumatized with the number 300.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 e9nb1V0TT0 upgrade
2 fvZYTVVZyn gem crystal
3 CQVaKMYPiz speed up
4 ahMtu0faJz promo code
5 ahMtu0faJz gift box
6 lCmhWzGpcO gold coins
7 u00E9gWpb6 month card
8 HDt4IgtmzP premium pack
9 NIvzruUxBW arts
10 fyZ2fn3sat vip ticket
11 jIzQwDCxM2 gear pack

Card Battle Kingdom gift codes, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • You can have up to 4 of the exact same cards in the deck. Then, your same cards in the deck. Then, your repeated cards start to fill the green bar for improvement.
  • The improve action makes the card levels go up and makes them stronger.
  • Your hack training is complete! From now on, the city is in your hands. Remember to recruit more heroes and generate more cards. There are a lot of options for heroes, cards and different strategies.

Card Battle Kingdom tips
Hack cheats tutorial Card Battle Kingdom(wiki):
Congratulations, you have enough code points to make your heroes better! When completing quests, you will receive experience points that are useful to increase your heroes’ levels. Pay attention to quests to collect more experience points.
Your kingdom level - you get experience points by upgrading heroes and cards, and also by performing in app purchases. At each level you’ll earn a bonus on all of your resources that you acquire in the future.
Card Battle Kingdom tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Card Battle Kingdom: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, speed up.

Card Battle Kingdom tips to repair
Card Battle Kingdom Activation code:
1. wDSh6G0pu1
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