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. Android game Card Lords cheat hack code -unlimited food, free dungeon, fortune spin, dust orb, gems, tickets, mythical card (New York, Unated state).

Orc – with great attack and defense, he always fights in the front line. The strongest warrior! Royal – a mage from the Royal who can cast fatal spells to destroy his enemies even from a distance. Elf - a gorgeous elf with high critical chance that kills all enemies with the mazing blade dance. Welcome to Alans, son of prophesy! Evil spirits filled the wilderness, and the disaster is approaching. Let's keep explore button simple to get to map where most action happens. Each level have 3 difficulties available. Here you can see your rewards for defeating the level: gold, experience, new card! You must kill all enemy cards to win battle! Click end turn to begin fight.

Card Lords cheats android, ios hack codes

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Before we go further we need to train our creatures a bit. In order to train your creatures you need dust. Obtain some dust by disenchanting a dust orb you have just won. Quest menu – there are new quests every day. Try to complete them as they give nice rewards. We will choose to spend gold. You can also spend gems and tickets to get new cards. Last thing I would like to show you is this collect tribute button. It cost 4 mean and gives you some gold and experience instantly. Come in handy if you are in hurry! Thanks for taking my advice. As a reward take these hacks. Now its up to you! Good luck!

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Nightmare difficulty – defeat all enemies with maximum of 3 causalities on your side. Taunt – enemies are forced to target this creature first. Tickets can be used for spins at fortune teller. You have six different cards grade: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythical. Dust orb – gives a lot of dust! Usefull only for disenchantment only. Construct your dream deck with an amazing hoard of magical Creatures and Heroes in trading card game (TGC). Dozens of cards to collect with various qualities and abilities. Easy to pick gameplay with deep strategy ensured! Challenge yourself and try to be the best TCG card collector

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1. UroRT6GY3g – unlimited food
2. VXFYuqxYvL – free dungeon
3. ix3AzYbnFB – fortune spin
4. XY8DrJhR1V – dust orb
5. Ehy0jYowvl – gems
6. RMTdwhpAoV - tickets
7. u5AiE9jZdP – mythical card

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