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Explore cards: random. Scoring cards: random. In this classic game mode, both the exploration cards and the scoring cards are drawn completely randomly. The result is not saved in a highscore list. In this game you try to collect as many points as possible over seasons through tasks. Tasks: each of the 4 scoring cards gives you points for different conditions that you fulfill.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): At the end of each season 2 of the 4 scoring cards are evaluated. Explore the landscape - to complete these tasks you can explore landscapes. By chance a landscape is drawn. Landscapes - an exploration has a type and a form. You can choose on of them. With this card you can choose between forest or field.
Cartographers cheat, Step #2: Place: choose a type and then place landscape form on the map by selecting the desired location and marking the fields to place. Once you have the shape and its type in your desired position, click on the checkmark. Great, you have explored your first landscape. Now a new one is revealed, which you can place on the map as well.
Cartographers code, Step #3: Explore a landscape: in thus exploration you have the choice between two landscape forms. Choose one and place it cleverly to get closer to the scoring objectives. Season: every discovery of a landscape takes time, which you can see on the top left of the drawn card. If the time available to you in a season has been exceeded by all your discoveries, this time ends and a rating is given.
Cartographers hack tools, Step #4: Greengold plains: each three reputation stars for each cluster of village spaces that is adjacent to three or more different terrain types. Lost Barony - earn three reputation stars for each space along one edge of the largest square of filled spaces. The golden cranary - earn one reputation star for each water space adjacent to a ruins space. Earn three reputation stars for each farm space on a ruins space.

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