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Free hack Cartoon Network Arena cheats code list - upgrade card, promotion, instant open, promo ticket, candies, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Cartoon Network Arena cheat world: the Sons of Mars, Grob gob Glob Grod, threw himself in the comet’s path to save his planet. While he succeeded in changing the path of the comet, he went missing. A magician from the land of Ooo, Betty, soon discovered Grob’s headgear. Finn and Jake, heroes from the land of Ooo, saw this and began following Betty. After watching Betty enter the house of magic man, Grob’s brother, Finn and Jake came up with a rescue plan. However, magic man soon spotted Finn and Jake and transformed them into an egg and soup. After dealing with Finn and jake, Magic man started an experiment with Betty.

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Finn, now an egg made his way to some bread dough in the lab to seek revenge. Betty unknowingly baked the dough in the oven to eat later before beginning the experiment. Suddenly! While being baked in the over, Finn resurrected as bread! He destroyed the test tube and threw Magic man towards Betty. THe experiment failed and Magic man’s powers transfer into Betty.
After losing his powers, Normal man returned to his hometown, Mars. While living on Mars, Normal man by chance found the magic stone. As soon as his hands touched it, he gained the mighty power of magic stronger than ever before.
Having regained powers, the newly restored Magic man was overwhelmed by the excessive energy and created a dimension door. He took the land of Ooo all the way across the dimension and put it on Mars. He tossed a special puch to Finn, who had been transferred with the land of Ooo. With these parting words, “i’ll only put the land of Ooo back if you can win the game” Magic man disappeared. Finn and Jake checked out the pouch Magic man gave them, and began seeking out other players to help return the land of Ooo to where it belongs.

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First, the basic rules. A battle lasts for 3 minutes, and whoever destroys the opponent’s castle first wins. If no one destroy a castle, the player with the most guardians wins. If you both have the same number of guardians, then the tile count will decide the victory. If your tile count is the same, then it’s a tie. The card summoning bar fills at a rate of 0,6 per second. That speed doubles during the final minute of battle.

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Now, let’s talk about summoning. You can only summon cards on your own tiles. Most of them, anyways. Some cards can be summoned on any tiles, so use them wisely. A tile becomes yours once a unit walks over it. However, the starting tiles are fixed and won’t change. I’ll summon a tanker unit with high HP to destroy the guardian and gain the upper hand. Well done. For an efficient battle, i’ll summon a ranged unit behind the tanked unit. Let’s destroy the guardians and the castle to win battle.

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