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Free hack Castle Guardian cheats code list - gold, oracle altar, tools, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Castle Guardian cheat world: the front is the last nether gate, everyone, just fight for our homeland. Kill monsters to obtain energy. Energy regenerates automatically along with time. Sufficient energy can cast the skill. When the hero is energized to the extent to taking smal moves, there will be the blue energy circle at the foot, and click the icon at the foot of the hero and follow the animation to release the small moves.

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When the hro is energized to the extent of taking big moves, there will be the red energy circle at the foot, and follow the animation to learn to release the big moves. Full screen skills can be released by clicking directly.

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Since the skill attributes of th princes and the prince are different, please choose carefylly. Once the gender is comfirmed, it can not be changed. Prince of kingdom of Arker is a brave fighter, whose skills are mainly to attack. CLick the hero card, as the gesture guide, drag the hero to the position platform, and only the hero on the platform can join in the battle. The hoop part around the hero is his regular attack range.

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Upgrading the hero can improve your fighting power. Before the battle begins, check the monster informations, and choose the hero in accordance with the monster cgaracteristics. After using hero's big move, it takes a little time to release again, anp please make a prediction when use big move skill. When releasing the skill, you can drag it to the top right corner to cancel the casting.

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