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Welcome, my lord. With your power, increase your character, expand castle. If we return it to its former glory, the Dark Lord’s power should also grow. We will need the power of family for this. If the Dark Lord watches over us, he will reward us with loyalty. An icon will appear when a unit can use the observe function. If you are spoken to using observe, everyone will all at once adore the dark lord. If you wait a while, you can use observe again.

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If you increase the loyalty of your unit, you can get proposals. If you get a proposal from your unit, an icon will appear to the right of the unit. We need resources. We will show you the gold and elixir excavation center. Facility effect - which the gold mining station and the elixir mining station build by belial. You can acquire gold and elixer at a certain time. There are lot of other facilities that have various effects, so try to build more facility. This is the first step in the return of magic user might.

Castle Bane cheats, hack codes

Various items which you can receive in battle, are help to increase characters ability. The fighters we just added have formed a squad. Soul fragments are pieces of material that contain your ally’s spirit. Humans might also have noticed the resurrection of the dark lord. If you give them time to prepare, it will become difficult. Let’s keep the momentum to continue the counterattack. I’ve organized the Dark Lord’s great plan into a mission.
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The power of Berial broken and scattered with the dark lord, appeared as soul fragments. When the fragments are collected Berial can be as strong again as before. Grade up is the most effective way to get stronger. EXP scrolls and skill scrolls can be obtained from the event menu. Unlock mines and get crystals every day! Get a maximum of 100 crystals each day from every mines. There are secrets hiding in the murals of the mural room. Mural shards can be obtained from riddle and challenge substages, and they can be used to reveal more truths of this world.

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