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Basic controls: move unit - the unti can be moved along the road. Tap the soldier. Drag and drop to a new position on the road. The unit moves to a new position. Objective: protect the castle from enemy attacks. Built towers and heroes along the road to stop them. Don’t let enemies attack the castle. Kill enemies to get coins.

Castle Defense The War Begins hack

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Build defender: unit - tap a position on the road, tap the unit you want to place, ready to fight. Tower - tap a flag point on the map. Tap the tower icon you want to build. House - tap the resource point, tap the alchemist house icon, ready to work. To do further upgrades or upgrade other defenders. they need to be bought first in upgrade shop. Upgrade your defender to make them more powerful and may gain other special abilities.

Castle Defense The War Begins cheats, hack codes

Defender type: Alchemist house - continuously generate coin over time. Cannon tower - attack ground enemy. Deal physical damage. Damage all enemies in an area. Lightning tower - attack both ground and fly enemy. Deal magical damage. Damage chains to nearby characters. Swordsman - attack ground enemy. Deal physical damage. Block enemy to pass through. Wizard - attack both ground and fly heroes. Deal magical damage (very high).
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At level 3, the unit or tower can be upgraded to one between two classes. Each class has its own pros and cons. Using magic wisely is one of the keys to victory. Tap the magic icon, drag and drop to any position on the map to use. Thunder strike magic needs to be dropped on an enemy to use. Monsters may have armor and resistance which reduced the incoming damage from attack and magic. Flying enemies can reach the castle from paths different from the road on the map. Only lightning towers and wizards can attack flying enemies.

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