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1. jElwEF - lucky box
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3. FgO9j3 - secret mode code
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5. pF76dN - free coupons
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Basic controls: touch the left side to move. Jump by pressing the jump button. Tap the jump button twice to double jump. Attack by tapping the right side of the screen. Tap the sliding attack button to perform a sliding attack. Use your sub weapon by flicking up. Flick to the left to use a main weapon skill. Soul - when you defeat an enemy there is a certain chance of getting a soul. Souls can be used to upgrade equipment. Sliding attacks are very effective against guarding opponents.

Castlevania Grimoire of Souls hack

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Use action points to upgrade your character. You will gain more AP as your heroes levels up. Wing smash - transform into a bat and perform a piercing attack. Activate with the unique action button or use hack cheats code. Transform into a bat and glide forward, attacking enemies in your path. Upgrade it for more consecutive uses. Mist power - wk2HJy: transform into mist, becoming temporarily invulnerable. MvApZF - summon equipment blessed by a goddess to support you in your battles.

Castlevania Grimoire of Souls cheats, hack codes

1. Y4Nscc - level up
2. gtPVPk - voucher
3. LKSUUz - shard
4. ZtgSYh - artifact
5. PkpiAL - characters

VTjqeE - gems are required to perform a summon. Try changing the rest of your equipment with “auto equip” button. What are equipment perks? Abilities are special traits available on weapons, sub weapons, and armor. They can be activated by equipping the item.
Pass through thin floors by flicking. Down on the left side of the screen. Flick up on the right side of screen to use a sub weapon, using sub weapons costs mana points. You can use main weapon skills by flicking left on the right half of the screen.
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Cheat VvH8ea - there is no limit to how often you can use skills, but there is a cooldown period between each use. YOu can use support weapon skills by flicking downwards on the right half of the screen. Code RGyXAZ - you can create equipment by gathering a certain number of equipment parchment fragments. Hack P7TPwP - equipment parchment fragments have a chance of dropping from chests.

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Characters: Maria - a young vampire huntress distantly related to the Belmont clan. Despite being only 12 years old, she already possesses incredible magical prowess.
1T6j2L - summon for free once per day. After summoning once for free, all other available free summons will become unavailable until the following day’s update. This summon includes equipment for a character that you have not yet unlocked.
2JYekV - by using a launch attack it is easy to perform a mid-air combo.
FfsyAB - excels at fights where they can make use of their strong movement and lands hits while mobile.
veApfx - using limit break cheat codes will increase the maximim equipment and enchantment level.
uy7Rwy - when in skeleton state, you can be resurrected if there are other players around.
Enchant - m2uNSB;
limit break - pnJ75s how and where enter
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