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Help! Tap the box to break the evil spell. You can purchase a new red cat house to increase space. The more buildings you restore, the higher your level. Portal appeared on that awful day along the fog. Moonlight’s home is in the fog behind the portal. I’ve tried to pass through it many times, but the magic is too powerful for me alone. Maybe with your help i’ll finally get to the other side. Every adventure needs its heroes. Tap + to see which cats are available.

Cat Adventure Magic Kingdom hack

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Our main goal is to find all parts of the portal to find the way out. Tap one of the square that is close to cat. Let’s keep exploring the area and find all parts of the portal. We did it! We passed through the portal and pushed back the impenetrable fog. Moonlight’s home is in ruins! It’s called observatory. The celestial cats can live only in this house. We need to restore the Observatory to settle Moonlight! With your help, i think we can rebuild the whole island.

Cat Adventure Magic Kingdom cheats, hack codes

One of our most beautiful buildings, destroyed by the fog! Let’s see what can we do. Tap the arrow. We can rebuild it - tap restore to start the process. It’s just going to take some time. Unless we use cheat code or magic gems. Magic gems help you speed up time. Collected cats, collection bonuses: 2 cats settled gives +5% maximum energy for observatory units.
We hit an obstacle? It takes a lot of energy to remove them and discover what’s hidden. Luckily, we have a cat who can remove this obstacle and save energy.
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Tap the button with a cat portrait. Now that the ice is gone, we should rebuild Catland hall! The canteen will produce food to feed and level up your units. Your characters get stronger if you give them food. Cats are living creatures. Sometimes they need someone to take care of them or help with something. Look, Lucky needs something. Tap bubble to help or take care of the cat. It will improve their mood and increase your traveler’s level. Adventures are exhausting. We need to relax and restore our energy afterwards.

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vIGkBV - multiplayer
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Hack x4mAQx - artifacts
Cheat AsR67P - evade
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