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Free hack Ceres M cheats code list - gold, quartz, level up, promo ticket, ruby, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Ceres M cheat world: there were Crystals, shining bring with infinit power which allowed the ancient people to build great civilizations. But one of the ancient king wanted immortality and began a bloody war to gather the Crystals. Blood was flowing all over the world, and the crystals slowly lost it light. Only a few would survive through the long lasting war, living in the ruins for a long period of time.

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And after a very very long time, the crystal slowly started to shine again. New life was born around the crystals, and the people started to have hope. The strong will of the world split the crystal into 5 peices and it spread out over the world. The divided crystals filled the world with life. People started to call the the crystals of life. And 5 kingdoms were made under 5 crystals.

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But the fragments of the crystals scattered around got mixed with ancient peoples blood and became the devil gem. Who contacts the devil gem could earn deadly power. Ambitious people started to rise again. The five kingdoms were tryuing to start a war to monopolize the crystals of life. But not everyone was swallowed on greed of power. Akain, Urk, Zen, Thanatos, Hestia - heroes from the five kingdoms arise to stop the curse of the devil gem. Now, there journy begins.

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I will teach you stronger battle strategy. By using the crystal fragment, we can move to different region rabi. YOu can change the camera view by moving your finger on the screen. Use two fingers to zoom in and out. You can form a party with the member you want. If you have enough materials, we can craft the equipment also.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: when powerful allies are earned, you will gain the advantage in battles. To gain new cards, up to 30 chances are given. This week's reward for the 7th day is 4 star hero summon ticket. Log in for 28 days and receive 5 star hero select ticket. The attendance book will reset all rewards are received or if d-day countdown ends.
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Tutorial Ceres M(wiki): This is a Collector RPG game. The game has numbers of unique characters and various battle contents to enjoy. All of this is shown on the mobile devices with beautiful graphics.
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