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Free hack Champion Strike cheats code list - evolve, speed up, gold, promo ticket, rubies, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Champion Strike cheat world: so you’re the new commander? Good to see you. This is the battle training camp made just for you. Before we begin, i will run you through the basics. Located above is the enemy champion. You will receive 1 score each time you defeat the enemy champion. Please keep in mind that champions re-spawned 15 seconds after their defeat. So don’t be reckless. Next up, the tower. The most important part of the battle.

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You will receive 1 score each time you destroy a tower, just as you do with the champion. However, you win the battle if you destroy both towers, regardless of the score. When the battle begins, your champion is already selected. Your champion can be moved anywhere in the arena. Let us try attacking the enemy by deploying the cards you have. Tyr selecting the Gremlin troop and summon them.

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Oh, no! The guard robot defeated your gremlin troop! Let’s try taking out the Guard robot without getting hurt. Move your champion to guard tower. You can control your champion defensively like this. You didn’t need to deploy a single card. The champion is selected by default after you deploy a card. Notice your deploy zone expands further as you move your champion forward.

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The enemy champion is near your deploy zone? It’s time to attack. We will have to get our champion to attack at the same time in order to defeat him. Excellent, the enemy champion is down and the tower has been destroyed. Fantastic results. Here’s a tip! Deploy zone expands further when an enemy tower is destroyed. You currently have a card selected. First, you’ll need to tap and select the champion button and go home. Try destroying the last enemy tower without my help.

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