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Cheat Champion Tamer hack android, ios code

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Hack Champion Tamer: cheat List
ultra ball x10 - use hack ICyjIuXtO
gachapon points x1000 - enter pass zu94Tb4Xe
coins x100kkk - KEPtCNM07
friendship points x1,000 - 4REpnK3OT
rune - ZxPZxfrL2
diamonds x10,000 - BuzPRemeP
Month Card x1 code - F02Tv2MgP
upgrade cheat - HZIgWbI1K
daily gift bag x10 - DoqiQloMg
secret combination - ziD6RNMjQ
level up - GA4KmvO5n
trainer supreme pack x5 - wUddjkN0m
souls x 5,000 - 3j2DrkLSA
god stone x 5,000 - heL9zuuSd
free lucky wheel spin - KwbRB1BlV
lifeforce boosters x50,000 - dasNstc17
special reward - TtDgkuJiT
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Dear trainer, your journey to be the strongest pokemon trainer has begun! First of all. let's find some unit as our partners. Advanced gachapon can grant very strong character.
Second, tap "challenge" to open the stage interface. During AFK battles, hero can get EXP, units and item rewards, can claim them in the AFK chest. Remember to claim your rewards after completing the missions.
Champion Tamer Hack Basics
You've accumulate a lot of EXP, let's give the characters an upgrade. Remember, unit's level cannot exceed the trainer's current level. You can increase your combat power and earn rewards quickly by completing quests. Complete daily and achievement quests to get great rewards and gears. Wearing gears can grant bonus attributes to all deployed pokemon.
Skills will be unlocked with pokemon’s level, Trainers cna decide what skills for unit to use in combat. Drag the skills to the skillbar to equip them.
Hint & Tips
1. You can accumulate gold coins and experience whether you can online or not. In the game you will fight side by side with the pokemon. Remember to come back anytime to get your reward.
2. God stone - a precious orem can be used to purchase rare items.
3. EVs can not only enhance attributes, but activate the Z-move of orange pokemon or above.
4. Shard combination can combine shards into complete character.
Champion Tamer Research notes
Collect research notes to exchange for time limited powerful pokemon. Rules: during activity, auto battle (including quick battle) has chance to drop research notes. Notes can be redeemed in the activity store for rewards. The last 2 days of the activity will not be dropped research notes, but the store can still be redeemed for items. When the activity is closed, research notes will not continue to be used.
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Champion Tamer Redeem gift code
1. 79DWO0jE1R9QJhU
2. 9Nmzt2piexAD7nc
3. Hj4ZAVNfwKwL1ue
4. BiESwLLVOhnqMGj
5. sVnKE140qL9VOCY
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date06 October 2020
Last Modified06 October 2020
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