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In the beginning, God created the world crystal in darkness. And through the world crystal, “terra” the vibrant world was created from the light of the world crystal. And from the center of the light, the Angelus was born. The Angelus created many living creatures, and kept the balance of peaceful and prosperous life. However, some corrupted Angelus with their endless desire polluted the world crystal, and the polluted world crystal created Diabolus, the twisted souls of the Angelus.

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The Diabolus were indiscriminate in destroying the Tera. Andelus Chief “Lumen” led an entire army to stop Diabolus, but the strength were not enough to overcome them. However, Lumen eventually destroyed the polluted World crystal and purified few scattered crystals. Lumen imbued certain trusted followers with purified crystal energy to finish that was not yet done.
And after many years of brutal fighting, Lumen and his followers slayed Diabolus and claimed victory. But it’s not over yet. Tera was once again cast under an ominous shadow.
Once the light died down, the entire world was plunged into utter darkness. And the darkness gradually penetrated deep into the world of Tera. Many living creatures were consumed by the darkness, and gradually strange things began to rise up.

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Resiak (last warrior) - “all has been lost in the swarms of absolute fear”. The sole surviving warrior of the blue fang tribe. Revenge is the only torch that lights his path.
Tooth (guardian of Dawn) - Resiak’s partner and reliable supporter. He analyzes the situation and reasons out in a calm and collected manner.
Rai (great sorceress) - “the world is full of mysteries and wonders!” The mischievous, yet talented young sorceress. SHe takes on a journey to find the truth of the world’s mysteries.
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Wise (guardian of Tranquillity) - Rai’s partner and a mother figure. She takes care of Rai and risks anything to protect her from any danger.
Sina (silent assassin) - “the world is not kind to the weak”. The cold blooded assassin who lost beloved family in a tragic incident. Always seeking for an answer to her wounded heart.
Shadow (guardian of twilight) - Sina’s partner and friend. However, she gives others the cold shoulder.

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Survive in the labyrinth where random maps and random monsters appear and find artifacts!
Find the artifacts to drive Diabolus and defend Terra or use codes
Seven grades of equipment, from general to ancient. Complete your look with stronger equipment and become stronger!
Changer Guardian tutorial

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