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Free hack Chaos Fighters 3 cheats code list - level up, honor, gold, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Chaos Fighters 3 cheat world: who am i? Where am i? Where am i from? Where should i go? What is going on? The alien invaded us? Democracy is over? Who are you anyways?
- Hell, my name is Cheat-on, the judge of the holy war. And you, you are the spirit selected by the holy grail to take part in this holy war.
- What the hell is chaotic holy war? And who the hell is that demon dude? How come i become a spirit?
- Every 100 years, the holy grail will pick the warriors who can resonate with it to take part in this holy war. The winner of the holy war will earn the holy grail of fighter! It has the power to grant any wishes!
- So powerful... since you have summoned, could it be.. i am the seed player chosen by the holy grail?
- Before my guidance, you’re just a nood! Come and select a fighter with me first.

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It’s just a beginning, let me teach you how to cast a super duper combat skill. Pick a skill, now equip it to your skill slot. In combat, there is a chance it will cast automatically. You just need to practice more, then you will be able to unlock more awesome skills. The art of skills is about their combinations, you will find even more way to match up a super awesome way! You can’t win the holy grail just by talking. Let’s go pick a fight, time to see how well you have understood the combat skills.

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From now on, your fighter will combat automatically, even when you are offline. Log back in to the game to earn massive experience, coins, and equipment. Sweep can boost your development progress massively. Sweep can get you the profit of 120 minutes. Every time you use it, you will permanently increase profit by 1 minute. 3 remaining times today, increase vip privileges to increase the upper limit.
Upgrade equipment to get attribute bonus, which is the basic routine to increase your strength. The upgrade level will be bound to the equipment slot, changing the equipment will not affect the upgrade level.

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