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1. AZWY6lCDH2 - lucky box
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Hello, sir, i am agent M from S.H.I.E.L.D. Please lead the super heroes to take our base back!Human beings need you! Hope you can lead the human beings to defeat the zombies and rebuild our home! Tap on the ground outside the red line, you can deploy a hero. Tap on the skill icon, you can cast the ultimate power. Tap on the god skill icon above the hero avatar, and you can release the God skill.

Chaos Heroes Zombies War hack

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The base has been destroyed, it needs your help to recover. Buying and upgrading buildings requires gold, let’s build a gold mine first. YOu can buy, hack the buildings, resources and heroes etc, in the shop. Now it is not the time to make careful planning and detailed calculation. Speed up the construction with cheat or gems!

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1. j645VquhtW - level up
2. 9MUeNLLanz - voucher
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Commander. zombies are spotted nearby! Let’s quickly build a defense building to guard our base. You have such a strong ability of command. COme on, i’m going to take you to a nice place. Tap the icon to view hero info. Hire to get heroes quickly. Wishing poll - here is the place where the characters are born. Recruiting the powerful unit will make you be a tiger with wings added!
Power stone is the main resource for hero’s active skill upgrading. Medal is the important resource for the hero to carry mercenaries.
Chaos Heroes Zombies War wiki
You can choose the heroes which you like to battle. You get experience chips, use them to upgrade heroes, and make them more powerful. Command is the core of the base, upgrade it to unlock more techs.
There are five grades of hero: N, R< SR, SSR, UR. Higher grade hero is more powerful, we recommend you to train SSR and above grade characters. The main source of hero is wishing poll and arena, we give you a SSR hero now, you can use EXP chip to upgrade him.

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11 jofM1L6FJx stone

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • THe gold mine produce large amount of gold.
  • Hero can upgrade by fusing other heroes or use experience chips cheat.
  • You can select a row of walls and upgrade their level all together.
  • Unlock the sweep mode after reach three stars.
  • Mercenary is faithful partner of hero. Training them carefully.
  • You can change passive skills by refining!
  • You can tap on the achievement icon to learn more achievements and daily quests.

Chaos Heroes Zombies War tips
Hack cheats tutorial Chaos Heroes Zombies War(wiki):
Do you want to know the reason of doomsday? Find out in the game!
New players can get a lot of rewards by logging in to the game every day for the first seven days. You will receive a gift from Cheat-on after completing the assigned quests every day during the event period.
s to get rewards. Event rules:
1 Log in to collect your rewards every day.
2 Rewards must be collected in order, the more times you log in, the more rewards you will get.
Chaos Heroes Zombies War tutorial

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Space warriors - deals DMG to target and all enemies in 4 grids radius, costs 3 rage, CD 5 second.
Ichigo - restores HP equals to DMG for herself and nearby allies, increases her attack speed.
Chaos Heroes Zombies War tips to repair
Stronger, cooler - upgrade command to level 2, unlock more buildings and new game plays.
Best super hero - upgrade your hero to level 10 to make your hero more powerful!
Stronger army - upgrade the mercenary level to make your army more powerful!
Explore the doomsday truth - clear the solo campaign, defeat the monsters, explore the eschatological truth.
The way of world domination - win trophies in the resource raid, show your power to other commanders. Chaos Heroes Zombies War Activation code:
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