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Dwoggour: “What a storm! I was about to die in a shipwreck in the middle of Bergos bay. I hope Giranna and the others are safe!
Thanks Levial! I can see the rest of the party ahead on the beach! I hope my lady Giranna is with them. We must go there now!
Dammit! A bunch of walking skeletons stands between us. I have not fought for a long time, but i believe we can still fight our way through them.”
Giranna:”i’m glad to see you again, my faithful Dwoggour. The last thing i remember is that we were caught in the middle of the storm in the open sea on our way to Bergos, and now i find myself surrounded by armed skeletons.”
Dwoggour:”Look! There is a chest among the skeleton remains! I suspect that it could be part of our luggage, which was dragged here by the tide after the shipwreck.”

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Dwoggour:” So, as i expected, this is the legendary city of Bergos or at least its remains. The city does not look the way i remember it. There is nothing left of its splendor since the Great Evacuation. The cities can be reconstructed. But not the lives. Anyway, at least now we know where we are, and ... it’s just the place where we wanted to disembark. However, there is still danger here.I’ve just seen suspicious movement among the ruins of the buildings. Let’s open chest here, and then we can continue with our plan.

For the sake of Kreim! This place is even worse than i imagined. It is a real zombie swarm. For each step we take, more of these hideous creatures appear, and i swear they’re getting stronger!”

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Wonderful, our group is growing, and there is strength in numbers. After we rest for a little, i think we will be ready to enter the central Bergos market and wipe out the monsters. In the lawless wasteland that is now Bergos, where bandits and wild beasts and feral people fight among the ruins for control of the old neighborhoods, the Bergos market, which is in the heart of the town, is a crucial strategic point for anyone seeking to control the whole city.
Now that we’ve cleaned the monsters out of the Bergos port and the market, we’ll be able to restore the comercial routes. Look, traders are already coming, bearing interesting and exotic wares.
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Great, the old smithy works again! I think it’s time to repair and strengthen our weapons and equipment. And we managed to restore the symbolic sorcerers tower. This is just what we needed! Avarina, please allow me to teach you new combat move. Arrow hail - Avarina unleashes a flurry of arrows that rain down dealing physical damage to all enemy units within radius. Bouncing Shield - when getting hit by a melee basic attack Giranna has a chance to knock the attacker back and stun him.

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  • Enchant a piece of equipment to increase its level.
  • Break an item into dust.
  • The combat experience strengthens hero senses.
  • During the demoniacal plague, Tartesian alchemists developed a magic potion to speed up the training of young recruits.
  • Now we are ready to command our army. Remember there will be other kingdoms that will want to take our territory. But also there will be others that would like to join us or might need our help.
  • We must assign tasks to those who will stay here to reinforce our defenses against any external attacks.

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  • Winning battles against other armies, will gain fame and respect for our army.
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  • Fight with monsters, attack demons and liberate the territory in great online RPG game.

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Avarina - this 22 yera old human was born near Bergos, in the obelisk forest, and grew up among the feral survivors of the Demoniacal plague. Even in her youngest days, her parents and the members of the tribe noticed that she made plain her lack of interest in the devotion paid to demoniacal effigies.

Sir Kramer - a 45 year old human, born on Azur island, the death of his parents left him orphaned at the age of 4. A child beggar who wandered the streets of Azur, he was imprisoned at the age of 7 for stealing, but was then recruited to the wolf squad, an elite troop of mercenaries under the orders of the royal griffin family.
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Bergos - centuries ago it was a prosperous port city with vibrant streets and markets. After the demoniacal plague it became an abandoned, ruined, and lawless wasteland. Nevertheless, this ancient capital of the Gudgeon coast is worthy of restoring its. how and where enter
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