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Free hack Chaos of Magic cheats code list - gold, speed up hummer, summon hero, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Chaos of Magic cheat world: king Arthur was seriously injured, no one knows if he's still alive. Heavy smoke hung over the continent. Merlin looked around and left sadness welling up. But he's too old to end this scheme, to stop this war. Now, he has to find the new king.
Lord, i'm elf cheat-on. I'll help you through this journey. I'll explain to you later! Let's kick them out first.

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Look! We've accumulated enough magical strength, it's time to show the dragon's power! Drag the magic area to cover the enemy troops, then release your finger to employ your magic dragon skills.
There are five races that live on the bountiful Conroe continent: humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, and demons. These five races have thrived on Conroe for generations. But after the holy grail war, the Conroe continent fell into chaos with different forces vying for power. The holy city of Avalon was caught in an unprecedented crisis.

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On the back of a dragon, chosen one, you've finally arrived! Merlin has already avacuated the other heroes. I'm here to help you rebuild the castle. As the leader of this territory, you have a great responsibility. For your first appearance in public, you shouldwear a suitable armor. The Conroe continent has been devastated by wars. Innocent creatures on this land aspire after peace. Your arrival brings hope to us. I will build a nest for dragons on the mountain. They will be the guardian of our land.

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Because of the wars begun by the Darkwraith, King Arthur went missing and the conroe continent was throw into chaos. Our territory must be as strong as possible to deter those evil forces and win support from the people. Now let's recall the people to till the land and get more resources for the territory. Military camp - you can recruit soldiers and create your own army. I've written out a quest list for you. It will help you develop the territory faster. Each time you complete a quest, you can claim a reward from the temple. Don't forget to check your rewards.

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