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Welcome, let us show you how to battle. Now, let’s learn the rules of battle. The battlefield - it’s comprised of a 4x4 space. Emperor card: the crown symbol means it’s an emperor card. The number in the water drop represents HP. When your hero’s HP hits 0, that means the battle has been lost. The number in the sword represents ATK. The hero’s attack power is 0 as a default. Bottom menu: pile - when the turn starts, 1 card will be automatically drawn from the pile.

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Your hand: each battlefield requires the emperor card to enter the arena first. Send your soldier into battle. THe blu marked units are ally, the red marked - enemy. Oh, i forgot to tell you, playing a card requires using AP (action points). Besides the character, all other cards need to use AP on the battlefield. THe number in the block represents the AP required to play this card. Hero card - it is the main battle unit. The hero that was played this turn must wait 1 turn before it can take an action. It currently has no AP. Best finish the turn!

Chaos Academy cheats, hack codes

Each unit on the battlefield can move and attack 1 time per turn. Drag a hero that’s on the battlefield to move or attack. Heroes and emperors both will die when their HP is 0. AP increases 1 point each turn, with a maximum of 10. You have 2 AP, you can use 2 to bring Lilith into battle. Although you may be facing a formidable opponent, don’t forget that killing the emperor is the condition for winning!
Card packs - each time you open the pack will receive 5 random cards from any faction. THis includes normal, rare, epic, and legendary cards.
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Whether the cards are in your hand or on the battlefield, press and hold a card to bring up the cards’ skill descriptions. Before giving up, you still have the chance to draw a card, which costs a certain amount of AP. The first time costs 2 AP, and each time you draw after that, it will increase the AP cost by 2. Swipe up on the card pile to draw a card.
The cards with icons on them are spell cards - produce effects immediately upon being played.

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When a set card is attacked it will be flipped and the damage dealt will be calculated normally. We’ve successfully confused the enemy, but since the attributes of the two set cards are higher than our card, our hero has perished. Enoch has an attack of 4, but he has been blocked. If you can use enoch to attack the emperor than you can win. Set cards can still move. Click on a set card to select it, then click it again to flip it. Flipping a set card requires using 1 ap. 0Zu9NA - supply box
fJtnWf - treasure chest
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Change your starting hand: upon the start of a round, you may change your starting hand. The hand selected will be shuffled back into the deck, then an equal number of cards will be randomly selected. After clicking on the card the replace symbol will appear. how and where enter

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