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As part of a purely scientific study. I need you to summon brawlers from across time and space to fight in this very arena! It's time to introduce your first opponent to a world of hurt. Let's create some chaos! With every match you win, you'll be awarded one of my toastr time travel devices. Coins – small pieces of metal, used to measure self worth. Quest rewards scale up based on the difficulty. The harder the quest, the better the loot. Most spells do reduced damage against towers. The Pharaoh raises mummies from the sand and shoots fireballs from his hand!

Chaos battle cheats android, ios hack codes

Chaos battle –  hack codes
The bandit uses dynamite to rob trains, trim toenails and blow up opponents. He drops dynamite after being killed. Martians – this trio are deadly shots with their state of the art laser pistols. They don't want to go home, they want to destroy yours! Minotaur – the heavy hitting minotaur catches opponents off guard by quickly charging into combat and dealing extra damage. As the three time winner of Mr. Olympus, the minotaur uses his skillset to flex in the mirror, charge into battle, and wield his colossal axe. Scarabs aren't afraid to take one for the team, as they'll self destruct in a blaze of glory, taking their opponents with them.

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Chaos battle –  cheats secret bug
Horde units are great for overwhelming large foes, but they're vulnerable to area damage and weak. Allowing notifications will keep you in the know! When toastr's are ready to open. With important guild activity such as card donations. When new quests or free toastr's are available. Don't be afraid to try new card combinations. Fortune favours the bold. The Cap'n is a lethal swordswoman that slashes opponents with her cutlass. The last person who made fun of her hair had to walk the plank! Different types of toastr's unlock different types of cards.

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1. 3F1x6AOyke - premium
2. lFrnFSTylj – super luxury toastr
3. IzdpddAajh - coins
4. Mr0Zr29sCT – crystal cluster
5. ttJykX0n2O - medals
6. GvHHfkpNLX – level up
7. qH3yX2v83b - upgrade
8. MK8nzn5WZK – unlimited energy

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