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Create character: Elize (street brusier) - known for getting into one too many fights, Elize roams the streets looking for a new challenge. Lance (gallant knight) - lance uses his martial skill guided by virtue to destroy monsters and protect the realm. Eaynah (huntress of the ice) - raised in the frozen wilderness, Eaynah uses her extreme dexterity to track and destroy her prey as well as escape deadly situations. Rocky (tireless wanderer) - a former champion prize fighter, now wanders the land in search of the ultimate duel. Bokor (walker of wind) - ending his wind training in solitude to rejoin the world and complete, Bokor strikes with dreadful might, making short of any enemy.

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Welcome to the cheat code world of chaos fighters! I’m miss flower, and i’m here to help you learn everything you need to become the ultimate fighter. Your backpack has been prepared for you. First equipment - solemn pencil, drag it to your equipment slot. Remember, different fighters correspond to different types of weapons. You’re now ready to go off on your own. Visit me anytime by tapping the assistant button at the top of the main game screen.

Chaos Heroes cheats, hack codes

How to obtain energy?
1. Refresh 5 energy automatically every half hour.
2. Claim the energy package once every 6 hours and obtain 60 points every time.
4. Characters can get a package containing 30 stamina points at every level.
4. Common players can buy points at a time every day.
5. The vip level affects the purchase chances of energy. The higher level, the more purchase chances.
6. When players have more than 200 energy points, their energy won’t be restored by 5 every half hour and they cannot claim the stamina package either.

You acquire a new skill every time you level up. Open the skill screen under the function button, or tap the shortcut below your portrait. Drag your skill to the bottom row. Enhancing amulets upgrade weapons in the forge. Choose a weapon, then tap cheat code qf1OFzKh to enhance, regorge - TxfB4AQv, engrave - PR0OXF9p, gem - mKyMIIvJ, fuse - jEiJrXnk. Now then, enhancement is only one of the ways to upgrade equipment. You can explore the other ways soon. I’m nearly finished. I think you know how to improve your capabilities now. Please take this gift -eWrUmbjw. Now you need to conquer adventure instances to elevate your level.
Chaos Heroes wiki
Newbie wiki: 1. Tapping the reset button in the skills menu randomly unlocks a different set of skills to choose from.
2.Enhance your fighter’s items at the forge to increase their stat bonuses.
3. The pet lock can take effect only one time, i.e. players must lock pet skills every time their pet grasps a new skill.
4. You can use vouchers to buy rare items at the secret shop.
5. Summon sky blessing to get 1000 basic reputation, and may bonuses as well.
6. Only +0 fighters and pets can be transformed in the laboratory.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint: How to level up your guild in Chaos Heroes?
1. Guild members can gain reputation to increase their guild level. 1 reputation points will bring the guild 1 experience point.
. 2. use cheat - 19fZwweb
3. Members should complete events that will reward reputation as many as possible to increase their guild EXP.
4. A part of guild events will also bring participants reputation, complete them and earn guild EXP.

What’s the use of guild level?
1. Events are related with guild level. Every time a guild levels up, a new guild event will be unlocked. 2. The guild level is related with the guild population. Every time a guild levels up, its max population will be increased by 1. The highest guild level is 5 and the max number of members is 24.
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