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The progress bar shows the completed campaign missions and the reward for them. You can play the campaign mission by pressing the play button. This is the main game’s progress. To pick up a reward you must press the corresponding icon over the progress bar. The more campaign missions completed, the more valuable rewards can be obtained from chests and missions! For example, after mission 80 you start to obtain rarer shards of equipment and rarer resources.

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Ratings - here you can find the different game’s ratings. The switching filter is on the left hand side. Here you can check the ratings for the arena, activity, dungeons, and for the world bosses.
Arena’s rating: the main window shows the rating of the arena’s current season. At the right hand side of this window the previous season’s top 3 are displayed.
Weekly cheat codes activity rating: the top player by the amount of experience code they have gained during the week is displayed here. The previous week’s top 3 are shown at the right hand side of the window. The first 3 places are rewarded with energy.
Endless dungeon’s rating: select a dungeon from the right hand window. At the left hand window the tabs of world rating and guild rating for the selected dungeon are available,showing their maximum completed stages.
World bosses rating: select a boss from the right hand window. The tabs of all time and last spawn boss rating based ont he maximum reached boss level, are available at the left hand window.

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The mine produces diamonds and stores them. You can gather them anytime. Production continues even while the game is inactive. A mine of any level pays for itself in 100 days. Upgrading the mine reduces the production time for each diamond and increases the storage size. YOu can only upgrade the mine when its storage is empty. When the storage is full, diamond production ceases. At any level, a mine’s storage is filled in 24 hours. A mine at its maximum level produces 1 diamond in 36 minutes, while the storage can hold a maximum of 40 diamonds (use cheat code for speedup).
Army - here you can find all available and locked heroes and soldiers, and your selected attack squad with its current power. You can filter them by race and class. On the left side, you can find the filter by class. Warriors, support, tanks, range. On the right side, you can find the filter by race: humans, dwarfs, and elves. From here you can access the interface of any hero or soldiers. The selected heroes for your squad are shown above. The list of available and locked heroes is below.
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Heroes - this window shows information about the hero. Name, power, equipment, rank by stars, level, experience, soldiers, abilities, attributes and so on. In the main tab you can change the hero’s equipment, weapon, and amulet. Equipment can be light, medium and heavy. Weapons can be one handed, two handed, magical, and ranged. There is no difference between the amulets. All the equipment for each hero is the same type. Heroes can be provided with equipment and weapons of any kind of rarity and improvement, no matter the current hero’s level and rank. The hero’s level, the current level’s experience points, and the button to give the hero experience bottles are shown bottom. Rank is shown by the stars. A rank increase makes the hero stronger. You can learn and improve abilities. For this, gold, scrolls, and achieving a specific hero’s level are needed. Push any ability icon to open its description window.

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