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Game Story
I am the Oracle/ We are now in the Abyss - a sealed place called the Cage. According to the soul contract, i will help you escape this cage. To make your way out of here, first you need to defeat the guardians of the Cage. Blue Gate - it is the target on which the enemies will attack. Red gate - enemies will start their invasion from here. Line indicates the enemy's invasion route after they appear. all you have to do is try to stop them.
Chaos Warfare Hack Basics
The guards are coming! Ready to fight. This time, i will use magic to summon the illusions of heroes to help us fight. In the bottom right corner, it lists the heroes you can use for this battle. Here are the costs for you to deploy heroes, which will recover over time. The number in the bottom left menas the amount of cost it takes for the hero to be deployed. Scorch is ready, command him to fight now. Place him to face the enemies.
If there are too many enemies, you can use scorch's skill to get rid of them at once. If you want some time to think about strategy, you can tap “pause” button. Or maybe you’re a hothead and want to make the battle go faste, then you can use hack tools - free cheat code.
Chaos Warfare Hint & Tips
1. There are often more than one invasion routes for enemies in a battle. Therefore, you'd better place your heroes in every lane.
2. To deal with such a monster, you need to send a mage who is an expert in magic attack.
3. Flash Lord is a ranged hero, and ranged heroes can only be placed on the platforms.
4. 20 -this number indicates the health of our base. it loses 1 point every time a monster breaches the base. If the base's health hits zero, that is equal to he failure of the battle.
5. The number on the right shows the total number of monsters in the stage, and which on the left is how many monsters that have been defeated. Defeat all the monsters and you will win the battle.
Chaos Warfare Heroes
Tap on the hero in the field. Left top icon - this is the hero's information panel. Here, it shows the hero's block ability, which indicates how many enemies this hero can block at a time. Scorch's block number is 2, which means he can hold back two enemies simultaneously. Different heroes are not the same on this ability. The retreat order allows you to call your hero off the fight.
Retreating returns part of the used costs. But the retreated hero needs to rest for a while before going to fight again.
Chaos Warfare Skill & Quest
Next comes the key point - the skills. Once the energy gauge above the hero is fully recharged, he becomes ready to cast his own skills.
Completing the quests will quickly level up your team and enhance the team's overall power.
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