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Charterstone Game story: if this is your first time with the game, we recommend starting with the local campaign game. You will learn the rules and discover the game in the order the designer - Jamey Stermaier - intended. Single game and online games contain spoilers, that may take away from the experience of discovering the game. If you don’t mind, or you are already familiar with Charterstone - enjoy whichever mode you feel like! Build and discover!

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New campaign: red charter - rich in clay, Red charter is a place of construction and honest day’s work. Its leader needs to be strong and sharp. They need to be able to plan and manage. A river of resources will go through their hands to be put to use for the betterment of the village. To become a leader of the Red charter is to become the manager, the builder and the soldier all in one. Are you up for the task?
The immortal forever king has selected 4 citizens of Greengully to start a new village far from the eternal city. Your goal is to bring the greatest glory to the king so you may rule the village in his name.

Charterstone cheats, hack codes

After spending all day flying over the kingdom, the zeppelin sets down and the guards open the hatch for you and your companions. The sun is setting as you venture outside. The location is a lush landscape of rolling hills, patches of trees, and a babbling brook. The guards unload a nu,ber of mysterious crates and forbid you to open any of them. The group gathers around a large rock. You recognize it as a charterstone, just like the one at the center of the Eternal city.
Your first task is to construct a basic resource building in your Charter. It will provide you with the basic resource of your Charter. You can construct it on one of the six plots available in your Charter. This time, the construction will be free. In the future, however, it will cost you valuable resources, or use cheat codes. What’s more, as a reward for constructing buildings, you will, usually, be rewarded with a crate. I wonder what could be inside!
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A few buildings were constructed in advance of your arrival. They are clustered in the middle of the village in an area called the commons. Zeppelin, for 3 influence and 4 resources depicted on the building card allows you to construct a building in your charter. Receive 5 VP and usually a crate. Pay 4 coins and 2 influence to open a crate. You get crates after constructing most building. Receive 5 VP. the Charterstone building will be an important element of the game. Grandstand - here, you can score objectives. There are 3 random objectives in each game. To score an objective, you need to meet the requirements shown on the objective card. Scoring an objective results in a permanent loss of 1 influence for one game and grants you 5 VP. You can always check the current objectives by clicking the appropriate button in the top panel.

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At the end of games 2 through 12, your capacity will determine the number of components in your personal supply that you may keep. Elements that were not kept are discarded to general supply. You can check every player’s current capacity in the end of campaign scoring window. Players start 1 capacity in each category. Be prepared to only keep 1 of each after game 2! There will be various ways to increase your capacity throughout the campaign. Ab9JkL - supply box
jhLczq - treasure chest
PwYPV2 - multiplayer
yfqevl - vip status
dlorr8 - star tokens
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