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Cosh, Miller. So the cute assistant Samantha said would come pick me up, was you? My boss can be a real jokester. Besides, just “cute”? When did you quit racing?
- A long time ago. What about you? The boss told me you’re a cop.
- i’m on leave. Samantha called me and said she needed me here. She said we’ve got quite the situation.
- That’s right. I don’t know what you heard, but it’s getting pretty crazy.
I heard a little. The sirius foundation is up to something, and there’s an outbreak of some new virus. ANd it’s related to the project the boss has been working on. She knew about those strange creatures and how to stop them, but it’s too late, and the situation has gotten out of control.

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Well, that explains why she said i’d better brace myself. Are you saying she knew this was going to happen? I don’t think she knew they’d become a menace to the public. To stop them, we’ll have to help the Boss finish her research.
Wait, what's this red smoke coming out of the vents? It smells. The smoke’s gone, but now i’m creeped out.
Battle controls: When you’re about to take damage, tap the cover button to take a quick breather in your vehicle. This way, your vehicle will take the hit instead of you. When the vehicle’s durability reaches 0, however, even dropping into cover won’t prevent you from taking damage!

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YOur weapon needs a tune up. Use a weapon upgrade kit to improve your attack. Equip the acquired artifact to increase ATK. Olivia and Miller now have the ability to absorb energy from ancient artifacts code. Samantha ordered them to use this power to find cheat stones. With professor Wuwei dead, they realize now that no one is safe.
Disorder quest: London is surrounded by stalkers, terrible creatures that possess strength beyond that of normal humans. Citizens are fleeing in terror as these monsters tear the city apart.
Escape - as the carnage spreads, London has been quarantined. All entrances and exits to the city have been blocked off. All save one: the tower bridge.
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You can obtain complete weapons and blueprints through the weapon gacha. Use both the free and gold gacha to obtain better weapons. A red dot will appear on any icon with new or important information. Check these marks thoroughly and often! Select a mastery, use mastery points cheat to upgrade it. Tap apply points to upgrade the selected mastery. Using cover also has the added benefits of recharging AP.

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