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Welcome, this tutorial will help teach you the basics of playing a deck building battle arena game! Your own personal shop - this is where you can see which fighters are on sale and purchase the ones you like. Let’s buy the honor guard. Awesome, now you have the honor guard on your team in the reserve area! Let’s close the shop, so we can see the board and put your newly purchased hero to the test.

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Press and drag the honor guard onto an empty space on the board. During each round in chess fighters, enemies will spawn on the top half of the chessboard and fight your hero team. In game, heroes and enemies have minds of their own and will fight without instructions! In battle, most heroes and enemies gain mana by dealing damage and taking damage. When their mana bar is full, they will release a powerful attack.

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THe honor guard is ready to use her special attack, defensive stance. This skill periodically hits random nearby enemies, stunning and damaging them. You receive 1 point of experience and some gold to purchase heroes with at the end of each round.
Congratulations on leveling up to level 2! This means we can now put two heroes on the board and have access stronger, more experience heroes in the shop.
Chess Fighters wiki
The shop automatically opens and refreshes with a new set of heroes at the end of each round. As you can see, we have a new set of heroes in the shop now! When you have three of the same hero, they will be consumed to grant you a higher level version of the same hero! The heroes on your board and in your reserve area will automatically be combined!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • When you see an orange aura around a hero in the store, that means you can upgrade that hero!
  • Some units and synergies are strong early, but weak later. Be sure to switch up your composition when necessary!
  • We're going to give you some extra gold to purchase another hero to support your level 2 honor guard.
  • Sometimes, the enemies that come to attack your board will be challenging.
  • When you lose a fight, you will take damage depending on how many enemies are left and how powerful the enemies are.
  • You cannot have more than 100 gold, so make sure you spend what you are earning!

Chess Fighters tips
Hack cheats tutorial Chess Fighters(wiki): It is okay to suffer some losses, but be careful! When you lose all your health, your current run will end!
The hero pool you are purchasing from is shared, so you have a chance to build a stronger team with heroes that other players are not using!
When you press on your gold, detailed information on how much income you will potentially receive at the end of a round will be shown. There are three main ways of gaining additional gold, which are accruing interest, winning rounds, and going on winning/losing streaks! If you want to learn more about how to master the game, we recommend reading through our helpful advanced tips.
Chess Fighters tutorial

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Skills: defensive stance - periodically hits and stuns nearby enemy. Targets chosen randomly if multiple targets are in range.
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If you want a boost in experience, you can purchase 4 experience for 4 gold. Spending gold to level up will let you place more heroes on the board and access stronger heroes in the shop, which will give you a huge advantage over your enemies, if you time your purchase correctly.

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