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Click match to join your first game, good luck! The most fun part of this game is teamwork. We need more comrades. Please out a servant into the battlefield. You can take all the cards you see. It’s free! The servants on the fiels have triggered the detter and greatly improved his strength! Characters of the same race or occupation on the field will trigger fetters, which can greatly improve the battle effectiveness.

Chess Survival hack

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Think about which servants to put on the field and prepare for battle. Kill the rival’s heroes, and have the chance to drop the servant card. Win every round as much as possible to survive to the end. Collecting 3 same servants can make them synthesize and greatly improve their abilities. YOu can click the “want” button on the card to ask for the card from your teammates. Exchanging cards with teammates is the key to win!

Chess Survival cheats, hack codes

Cards not used for the time being can be given to teammates to improve team strength. Talk to your teammates about your matching strategies and choose servats reasonably. The more teammates alive in the team, the easier your team lives to the ened. YOu can trun on the microphone and talk to your allies. If you have cards that your parties need, you can move them over their heads and pass them on.
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When your health points reaches 0, you will be defeated. Please keep your HP healthy. THe reward you get is closely related to the round you survive. Castle - grants servants a 50% chance and another characters a 30% chance to dodge attacks. Survive from 100 players, use strategy to win battle, exchange heroes unlimited, capture rival’s characters. Real time voice, upgrade servants easily.

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Chess Survival tips
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