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At the heart of Laleille lied a sacred tree known as the Elder, all the nations of Laeille were islands with the Elder in the their center. The islands were connected by rainbows, and these bridges are protected by a demi-god known as the rainbow guardian. Chester, with soft white fur and clear eyes, was the newly appointed rainbow guardian. The previous guardian found him in a deserted barrack and raised him. He named him Chester, which meant barracks in the Old tongue. At the end of the furthest rainbow bridge lied the Gloom. Mysterious power on the island summoned the ancient Lord of chaos.

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Overpowering Gloom, the Lord of chaos turns his attention to Laleille. The guardian of Gloom lost the power of the God blessing. And he was cast down from the sky. He happened to land on the Guardian’s airship and was rescued by Chester. He lost all his memory so chester named him Gray. With the help of Chester, he hoped to take back Gloom.
Hi there, this is Bishop, a pilot of the Ursa. A pleasure to meet you. Before the journey, allow me to familiarize you with business on the ship.

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On the upper left corner you see the amount of gold and diamond. Any gold coins you accumulate in our adventure may be used for purchasing items. Diamonds are rare and certain special items may only be purchased by them. You may purchase more in stores by touching the + button, or using cheat code. Let me go through the menu at the bottom. Explore: fly the airship to explore another island. Continue: continue with the current progress of the story. Parts: examine various components of the ship, including decor and artifact. Here you may change the look of your airship or equip artifacts which will aid you in your quest.
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An engine has to be equipped for it to take effect. memories: check out the story thus far and completed puzzles. You may replay a puzzle at a different difficulty. Screenshot: snap picture of your airship and share it with your friends. Setup: change language, use cheat codes, volume, and manage your account here. That’s all the basic stuff you need to know. If you need a hint, look for Gray at the lower right corner. But there’s a limit to the help that he can provide.

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