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It is said that there is more than one dimension of the world, in the mysterious unknown dimension, there is a parallel world. In order of dimension seems to be broken, and it is just like a dream, with the ring Shining all the time on hand. Outside the metropolis of humans, there are all monsters threatening human life.
In order to defend the power of those monsters. A new career has been created in the human magician.

Chibi Heroes hack

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The only duty of magicians is to protect humans when they are attacked by those monsters. Role selection:
Spellsword - front row spellsword. THe leading role who came to the world for a mission. She is a powerful spellsword who excels at magical defense and damage.

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You activated recruit function, come and summon your beloved heroes. Pachel - back row priest. A true mage who can control all types of spells, especially elemental spells. Spells she casts bring up great effects.
Kanna - move fast towards and deal physical damage to a front row enemy, if the target has lower HP, deal more damage.
Kiki - mid row samurai. The most powerful witch in the Sengoku who excels at both spiritual power and archery.
Auto fight feature is activated - tap on striking button to activate auto fight.
Chibi Heroes wiki
THe red spot on the right top of hero avatar means the hero can be enhanced. Tap equip button and instantly equip all equipments suitable for you. Each magic branch has 4 stars. Activate them to enable magic startrail for awakening.
Learning skills for hero will not cost skills books when holy fountain reaches level 4.
Hero combination can activate all combinations, added stats after activating will be a bonus to all heroes.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Sprite stats can be a bonus for all heroes, please try your best to cultivate them.
  • Higher privilege level can bring more game welfare.
  • Meet the best of you on the best time, favorability for both reaches 999 points, then you can go to love temple and hold a wedding.
  • The largest number of sprites going battle is 5, but they can only use sprite skills when on the main sprite formation.
  • Extra hero souls can be broken down into gensouls, which can be used to buy hero souls in the gensoul shop.
  • The whole power of players will be updated each time they go battle.

Chibi Heroes tips
Hack cheats tutorial Chibi Heroes(wiki):
Defeat enemies provided by academy to claim resources for advance. Then you’ll become primary mage! When hero equips 4 advitems you can tap promote for next phase. YOu can receive hero souls in elite battle.
YOu need a lot of resources for magic practice. YOu can join alliance to get what you need for practice during your summer vacation.
And remember, energy will be increased for both when you give flowers to friend’s zone.
Chibi Heroes tutorial

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Holy spring - when activated, you gain experience for consuming every 1 stamina, EXP for every diamond. Maximum 20000 experience can be gained by consuming stamina and diamonds.
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