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Game Story
Your first mission is very simple, just march towards the enemy! Move your unit through the two enemy control points to win. Select the infantry unit, then select a "highlighted" hex that you wish to move to. Use the "formation" button, 2nd down to the top left, to swap your unit between 'line' and 'column' formation.
You have been given command of an artillery unit. Destroy the four enemy units without losing your artillery. To shoot, select your artillery unit, then select one of the ‘highlighted’ enemy units to shoot at. Artillery only move one hex at a time so running away is not an option! To battle...
Chickamauga Battles Hack Basics
Time to get to grips with some hand to hand combat. You now command a veteran cavalry unit. While it can be dismounted to act as infantry, you do not have time to do that in this battle. You have three turns to charge and destroy two enemy militia units. Select your cavalry unit, then select a 'highlighted' enemy unit that you wish to charge.
You command two infantry units and need to destroy all four enemy units with no loss! Your infantry start the battle in woodland and so are unformed. It would be a mistake to attack enemy in the open while unformed. Move your infantry into the open and then select the 'formation' button to the top left to change an infantry unit to 'column' or 'line' formation.
Hint & Tips
1. Use the 'formation' button to swap your unit between 'line' and 'column' formation.
2. Units in 'line' are harder to hit, are slow, but shoot more effectively, units in 'column' are better in melee combat.
3. Infantry are usually armed with rifled muskets, but often their ranged weapons are significantly less deadly old fashioned smoothbore muskets or are dismounted cavalry.
4. All units are rated as raw (1 white stripe), average or veteran (2 gold stripes). Identify the veteran enemy unit with rifled muskets. Start by shooting at that unit first to increase your chances of victory.
Chickamauga Battles Walls & Combined arms
The enemy is set up behind a stone wall. Charging them with your cavalry is unlikely to succeed. Charging across walls is rarely successful and walls also offer protection agains incoming fire. Your veteran infantry starts unformed in a building. Order them into a 'line' formation and, along with your artillery, blast your way to victory.
Combined arms: Your first major battle, unfortunately for you, your opponents are in entrenchments. Launch an assault to capture the first objective and enough to take on the main enemy force. You now have a general on the battlefield to suppor your efforts. While not able to fight on his own, he will bolster the efforts of friendly units he is with or adjacent to.
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