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Chief, you’re finally back! Clan Vipa attacked us while you were gone. The Vipas have breached our defenses! Our troops can’t hold out anymore. Please build a rider camp and train some troops for a counter attack. While we fought off the Vipas, they destroyed nearly all of our buildings. We must increase our power quickly in case the enemy clan come again. Gain intimacy of the wild girl to unlock her skills and benefit our development. We need to find out which charm card is hers, keep your eyes open.

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Please keep doing recommended quest to develop your tribe. The altar is the staging area for your troops. Activate VIP and extend free construction time. Upgrade vip level to get even more perks. Here’s a Vip trial code e2lgkS for you. A clan has sent an invitation, hoping that we would join them. Clan members can help us accelerate buildings, which will benefit our development. Numerous chiefs gathered here for mutual assistance and growth, as well as friendship.

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Top icon - basic info about the clan is shown here, including the clan’s nickname in brackets. Members - here are clan members info and management options. We should move to the clan hive and work with our clan members to develop the tribe, and defeat powerful enemies.
Use the second builder for free during monthly pass duration. Decorate yourself with unique chat bubble and nameplate. Purchase lottery pack to get drawing chances. Limited to one purchase a day. Lottery pack can’t be refunded.
Resource code 3s3kvQ - resource spots spawn randomly on the continent. You can occupy them to collect resources. Choose a resource spot and occupy it with your troops to star collection. Once the collection is completed, your troops will bring the resources back to your tribe center.
Attack wildling cheat vqn8z8 - defeat wilding on the continent to earn resources and items. They must be challenged level by level. Form your squad and dispatch it to attack wildling. You will receive a battle report in your mailbox after the battle.
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Login daily to collect: wood, diamonds, chief experience, energy. Rule description: valid for 7 days. Within the valid days after subscription, collect daily: wood, diamond, energy. Frees will automatically be charged after the last valid day; cancelling of subscription can only be done manually. Your google account will commence with the charge once subscription has been confirmed. Subscription will be continued unless the auto subscription option is closed 24 hours before the current subscription is over. Your account will be subject to the fees and confirmation of the next subscription, within the last 24 hours before the current subscriptions end.

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Buildings: The archery range is where you train hunters. Upgrade it to unlock new hunters. Lets put some distance between us and the opposition. A higher level tribe center is the foundation of any powerful tribe.
The temple of Wisdom allows you to invoke Glyphs to strengthen your tribe. Show your faith to the spirits and receive the blessings of their Glyphs. Hunting grounds produce and store food. Upgrade them to increase their production and storage capacity.
Warrior cabins increase training capacity and speed, provide residences to your troops and allow you to train more troops at once. HGdC4g - activate the 30 day monthly pass now to receive premium rewards every day!
4NVYbb - speed up
AM3olz - materials
EyDKmv - resources
Hack zgMfz5 - artifacts
Cheat sjLHxl - growth funds
arv7F0 - elite ticket. lkN3jG - exchange code
Troops into: only by using various troops will you be able to maximum out their combat abilities. Guardians are always situated at the very front of the formation to take damage for other troops. We recommend that a squad should contain at least 30% guardians.
The damage from high level troops is always greater than low level troops so it would be the best to always fill your troops with as many high level troops as possible. how and where enter
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