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Cyndaria was once a peaceful kingdom, thanks to four sacred trees that brought prosperity across the realm. They are now dying without anybody knowing why.
It is said they’re a link to Yggdrasil on Earth, channeling the divine tree’s protective power to men. Without their protection, war rages at the frontiers, crops are dying and plague is spreading amongst the people.
Fortunately, the sage council reveals that there’s still hope to restore their ancient protective power four sacred seeds have been kept deep inside the most dangerous dungeons of the realm.
They have the power to grow into four new sacred trees and link back the land of men to the divine plan of Yggdrasil.

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The best warriors have volunteered to bring them back, but until now, nobody has succeeded. Who will be the next hero of Cyndaria? You decide to take on this challenge and venture towards the ancient Royal Cryst, where the entrance of the first dungeon lays. Good luck adventurer!
As a highborn and first protector of this land, you witnessed first hand what threat the demonic plane poses and it is your duty to protect your kingdom.

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1. NzWVBG6LG3 - level up
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Chilling Dungeon Adventures hack month card
You are in the dungeon. Find an exit. To move, tap the nearest card. You can attack the enemy near you by tapping on this card. Your health will decrease by the number of his lives. Pick up altars to restore health. And here is the way out! Head towards it, the victory is very close!
You won! The memory sphere is full! Open it in the main cave to get new blueprints.
Chilling Dungeon Adventures wiki
The memory sphere has accumulated information. Click on it to decrypt and get the reward. The sphere of memory contains gold and blueprints. Only one sphere can be opened at a time. To not wait - speed up the decryption.
You can attack with weapons. It will take energy, but saves you health. First, press on the sword, then on the enemy.

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1 kj6rTy6P8E upgrade
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4 5Ur8XPC8Ch promo code
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7 iwmWF5Xfq0 month card
8 aJ7KjHYqDC premium pack
9 zkrJAdWAdS hellion
10 POeCVLfeKb vip ticket
11 dFfbJGqCwz weapons

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Pick up yellow altars to restore energy. each floor has several levels. Life and energy can be restored only in the main cave. Your task is to find a way out of the dungeon. A long press on the card will give you the details about it.
This is not an ordinary skeleton, you can kill it only with weapons! In case of melee attack, you’ll swap places with him and lose 1 HP.
Chilling Dungeon Adventures tips
Hack cheats tutorial Chilling Dungeon Adventures(wiki):
It’s look like ancient trap. Get to it before it fire. Statistics - distribute your stat points. Depending on your profession, they have an extra cost when you add above your base points.
Craft weapons and artefacts in case you feel the need to have a DIY time in the dungeon full of strange creatures.
Chilling Dungeon Adventures tutorial

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