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Chronicle of Infinity Game story: to fend off the obsidian army’s ongoing violent attack, the astral alliance was summoning a powerful alliance guardian to aid the fight against the obsidian army. You, a guardian, responded to the call, came to astrapolis and talked to general Magnus about the astral alliance’s situation. Equip the weapon given by general and get ready to head to the outskirts of Astropolis. Flex your muscles as a guardian by wiping out the obsidian army there. As per general Magnus’ instructions, head to the outskirts of Astrapolis and wipe out the obsidian monsters wandering there to rpvoe yourself as a guardian and show them what the astral alliance is made of.

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Gear bonus - superior and above gear can activate this bonus. ATK & DEF effect - epic and above gear can activate this effect. Adventure: obsidian recipe, tree of war, dungeon: experience and coin. Competition: arena, treasure hunt and apex Guerilla. Casual: vault, pet training, match-3, quiz.
Skills: Sonic slash - normal attack, deals damage to enemies for 100$ normal damage and 30% +5 skill damage.

Chronicle of Infinity cheats, hack codes

After preparing for a long time, we are honored to announce that our new game! We invite you to join the game and give us feedbacks on game contents. Are you ready for its coming? Here is the detailed information.
1. Recharge function is enabled during the test. Android players can recharge directly through in-game; IOS players please ask for help by filing a ticket in-game through settings.
2. English and Simplified Chinese language in-game are supported. Other languages (including French, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Indonesian, Thai, and traditional Chinese) will be added in later hack versions.
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3. Players that take part in the event and reach certain requirements will be rewarded and compensated.
What happens after closed beta test? Since close beta test is a period to find out all the bugs, cheat codes and collect suggestions to otimize the game, all data will be erased after server close. There are alos rewards for players who take part in the hack mode.

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